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5 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

Kindness is the most important value you can teach kids. In a world that’s full of chaos and madness, kindness is the best thing they can have. While it’s easy to get caught up in things such as teaching them to write or ride a bike, nothing beats teaching them how to properly treat people and the world. Kindness isn’t just a personality trait, but it’s a core value and perspective. With kindness, children have everything they need to conquer the world. In this article, we’ll be talking about the certain kindness activities for kids you can engage them in.

1. Donate items

Donating items to charity is one of the most selfless activity you can teach them regarding kindness. Doing this will teach them all about generosity, compassion, and selflessness. It will help them see the bigger picture in life and that there are so many people who lack basic needs like clothing and food, and donating things to them means the world. There are so many ways to donate whether it’s teaching them to gather clothes they no longer need or simply cooking up a meal for them.

2. Write ‘thank you’ notes

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to do something nice- and this is the best thing to teach children. Writing ‘thank you’ notes go a long way to make someone’s day. Teach children that it’s not about how rosy the words are, but the genuineness behind the note itself. In addition, thank you notes don’t have to be words, but also drawings. Teach children that they can write or draw when they appreciate someone, such as a family member or a teacher. Teach them that even though they don’t know a person well, it’s still a great act to give them notes of appreciation.

This activity would be a perfect completion of the “Kindness Lesson” at school. 

3. Make a gift

Teach your children that it’s not about the amount spent on a gift, but the thought that matters. Hand-made gifts are most special as they’re made with care and love. Teach your children to be as creative as they can in making a gift for someone they care about and provide them with several art supplies for their craft. Examples of gifts are a scrapbook of memories or a painting.

4. Give compliments

Compliments are the best act of kindness you can teach children. In a world where negativity is everywhere, compliments go a long way. Teach your child to appreciate and notice even the simple things in someone, such as their smile or their beautiful heart.

Giving compliments is a cool way to show kindness to people. Read top 15 kindness quotes to learn with your kids. 

5. Care for animals

Children love animals so much so this is going to be natural for them. Teach children to volunteer for a pet shelter or walk with a friend’s dog. Teach them that kindness isn’t only given to people, but to animals as well.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight on random acts of kindness for kids. By teaching them kindness at an early age, this is something that will be part of their nature once they grow up.

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