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Children’s Books about Disabilities

Children’s Books about Disabilities

According to Statista, about 13.4 % of the American population reported having a disability in 2020. That’s a huge number. One can meet people with disabilities everywhere. And society must…
Teaching kids safety (1)

Teaching Kids Safety: A Guide for Parents

Kids’ safety is an important talking point nowadays. Although the modern world provides dozens of opportunities for kids’ growth and development it also creates even more unsafe situations. No wonder…
kindness lesson plan

Kindness Lesson Plan

Acts of kindness make children happier. Giving Leads to Happiness in Young Children research is a 100% proof of that. They carried out research to find out that those kids…
Childrenโ€™s Books About Respect (3)

Childrenโ€™s Books About Respect

We cannot imagine our lives without respect. Otherwise, the Earth would become the worst place to live on. But it’s difficult to teach young kids this virtue, at least, because…