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I am so happy to see you on this page. This means you’d like to become a part of my growing community. There are quite a few ways how we could collaborate. Let’s go over the most frequent requests I get from my readers.

Guest posting

As much as I’d like to have complete control over each article on my blog, I think it is fair to feature my fellow colleagues from time to time. Please, go over a few very simple yet strict requirements you’d need to follow to submit an article to Alicia Ortego’s blog:

  • Before submitting an actual article, feel free to approve a topic with me. I’d like to follow a certain style and a content calendar on my blog.
  • Send over your recent examples. It’d be really awesome if you could send me live links to your articles.
  • Once we approve the topic, make sure to research my blog to comply with the tone and formatting that I use.
  • Your post must be at least 1000 words.
  • I understand that you might want to include links. I only link to in-depth well–researched content that can benefit my blog.
  • Don’t offer me money. This is not why I started this blog in the first place.

If you feel that our interests are the same, I am so looking forward to hearing from you. My email is

You are a teacher

I have a soft spot for teachers. If you are a teacher of elementary classes, feel free to get in touch with me. I’d be happy to feature on my blog. Do you have a lesson plan you’d like to share? I am more than happy to publish it if covers one of the topics related to my books. My email is


I don’t have an affiliate program yet but I know how you can make a couple of bucks by reviewing one of my books on your website. I will share a few very easy steps.

Even More!

I am open to your boldest ideas of how we could partner or collaborate. Alicia Ortego is an open book for you. I love meeting new people. So if you simply want to say “Hi”, contact me now!

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