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confidence is my superpower

Confidence is my Superpower: A Children's Book about Believing in Yourself and Developing Self-Esteem

This book is written for all the children who struggle with low self-esteem. Self-confidence plays an important role in a child’s life, making it happier and healthier.

โ€˜Confidence is my Superpowerโ€™ teaches children that failures are only one step on the path to success. With the help of this book, your little ones will realize how important and amazing they are. They will overcome obstacles and negative emotions and, by repeating mindful affirmations, they will love themselves.

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How to Make a Paper Rocket

Confidence is like this powerful fuel that fills you up from the inside and gives you the strength to be who you want to be. When your kids feel insecure, they can imagine themselves being Neil Armstrong doing his first steps on the moon. Mustering up more confidence can also be a small step a day, but a giant leap for your kidsโ€™ future well-being.ย 

Make a paper rocket from โ€œConfidence is My Superpowerโ€ with your kids to give them that nudge of confidence they need so much.


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