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honesty is my superpower

Honesty is my Superpower:

A Kidโ€™s Book about Telling the Truth and Overcoming Lying

The best social-emotional learning (SEL) book for raising honest children.

If you want to teach your children to be honest and fair, this cute picture book is the best choice for you. It is suitable for all ages, from preschoolers to early readers.ย 

The main goal of this book is to help your child make the right choice.

With the help of his brother, little Tommy will realize how bad lying is and that even a tiny lie can hurt other people’s feelings. He will learn that the truth makes him free and that lying is not worth it, no matter how easy it seems.

This book with beautiful illustrations and charming rhymes will help your children to be honest and fair.

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How to Make a Paper Dinosaur

Telling the truth takes a lot of courage. Honesty may not be the prettiest and easiest thing to do, but you will certainly feel relieved once youโ€™ve told the truth.ย 

If youโ€™re still mustering up the courage to tell truth, you can craft your own Mr. Dine from โ€œHonesty is My Superpowerโ€ to help you.


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