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Patience is My Superpower

Patience is My Superpower: A Kid's Book about Learning How to Wait

The best book to raise happy and patient children. 

If you want to help your little ones turn the waiting into fun time, this is your go-to book! The book is packed with productive activities, beautiful illustrations, and charming rhymes. 

The book can become your kid’s โ„–1 helper to deal with their impulses and to control their reactions. 

Kids love the suspense and the story teaches them that you just have to wait a little bit for something amazing to happen. 

Together with the main character, a boy named Dan, your kids will find out just how many cool things can happen while you wait. While little Dan struggles to understand that waiting is an integral part of everyday life, his grandparents help him keep himself busy, discover, and gain unique experiences. 

Want to teach your children the importance of patience? This fun picture book can be the first step towards your goal. Your kids will surely relate to little Dan’s daily struggles. And, eventually, together they will learn a useful skill. The book is suitable for all ages and anyone who works with children.

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