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Important Questions to Ask Your Kids

Important Questions to Ask Your Kids
Children like to ask dozens of questions. But they also enjoy answering them if you know how to set an interesting one. With the help of questions for kids, you can receive important facts about your little ones` lives. Let’s take a look at things to ask kids. There are a lot of options.

20 Questions to Ask Your Kids

Little boys and girls always neglect such questions as  “How are you”? The answer is the same – “I’m fine”. But mostly that’s not true. Instead, you should come up with more creative questions to get to know your child’s genuine feelings.

How Questions for Kids

Researchers say that the how and what questions for kids make them give more detailed responses.

  • How would you describe yourself? It helps kids to realize both their inner wishes and worries. By the way, the all about me worksheet can be very useful as well. 
  • How would you change your daily routine? Most children will say “less school, more cartoons”. Still, they can tell you much more than just common kids` dreams. Perhaps, they feel daunted by being too much in charge of their younger sister, or they want more bonding time with their parents. The question triggers them to talk about it.
  • How can we change our life to make it more vibrant? The question concerns both the life of your family and life on Earth. A kid may give you direct clues on how to arrange family routine when discussing the first option. Also, the second one gives you unlimited space for discussions.
  • How happy do you feel? This is an utterly important question because if a kid says he isn’t happy, you should get to the point and fix it. You should see the difference between a gloomy mood when a kid isn’t given any extra ice cream and real disappointment with his life.
  • How would you feel if you had (hadn’t had) a sibling? By asking this question, moms and dads can get to know more about their children’s personal relationships. Or, if they have only one child, his attitude to a new-born member of the family.

“Why” questions for kids help elaborate and speculate on their answers.

Questions of the Day for Kids

If you ask your little one how his day was, he won’t give you many details. Another thing to ask him more direct questions such as:

  • What has impressed you the most today? He’s likely to share with you his moments of happiness. Also, it could be a sad situation that impressed him. Asking about emotions and impressions can reveal to you the way your daughter or son perceives the life flow around them.
  • What made you laugh today? Your kid may tell you many funny stories. Also, he`ll definitely name his close friends you have never heard about before.
  • Was it a good or bad day? If a kid says he’s alright but hesitates to answer this question, you should find out more about his day. 
  • What have you learned today? A child can name various things or facts. If not, he’s distracted or lacks interest in everyday life. That`s a topic to discuss with him. 
  • Who did you play with today? This is a nice question to get an idea about your little one’s social interactions. 

important questions to ask your kids

Questions for Little Kids

  • What would you ask Santa Claus to do for you right now? In such a way, parents find out their little ones` secret desires. 
  • If you could do everything you want, what would be your first action? The if you could do questions for kids are a brilliant way to learn your child’s virtues and desires. 
  • What makes you sad? It can show you the things your little one is concerned mostly with. It’s Ok if he says common things such as other people crying. However, if it’s his uncle’s arrival or a Math test, maybe he’s got an issue with it. Try to work it out.
  • Do you have a hero? Who is it? Information about a person or cartoon character your child looks up to can show the values your little one cherishes. Does he want to be as strong as Spiderman or his elder brother? Or does she want to be as clever and beautiful as Elisa from Frozen? Having a positive role model is very important for young kids.
  • With whom of our relatives would you like to live? It`s a chance to learn your kid`s attitude towards other family members. Don’t get upset if he prefers someone else to you. It’s OK to have favorite relatives. 

With little kids you already introduce the topic of family values, which sharing is an important aspect of.

Questions for Schoolchildren

  • If you were given $100, what would you do with the money? Most children will mention material desires. That`s a great opportunity to learn about their wishes for Christmas or Birthdays. Some kids may also declare other options like giving to charity or saving for a new tablet. Modeling situations with the what would you do questions for kids is extremely helpful when learning your child’s priorities in life.
  • What is the job that you never want to have? Such a talk is a nice way to get to know more about your kids’ preferences.
  • Whom would you like to get along with? A lot of kids are too shy to approach a girl or a boy they like. Such questions to ask a kid may reveal some problems with making friends. If so, work on dealing with it.
  • What country would you travel to right now? It’s an opportunity to broaden a little kid’s horizons and talk about vacation plans.
  • If you were given a role in a movie, whom would you want to act? Acting is an opportunity to be another person. A character your kid chooses is a possible individual he wants to be in real life. For example, a feeble boy may want to play a strong cop, or a small girl with low self-esteem wants to be a school star. In case you see your kids are too concerned with such issues, try to help them build a positive attitude.


The list of questions to ask your kids is endless. The more diverse they are, the more detailed answers you`ll hear. Avoid trivial questions. The answers to them will be no less trivial – “yep” and “nope”. Try to find instead the very questions for kids that will acquire you with your little one’s personality. 

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