Choices are my Superpower - Alicia Ortego

Choices are my Superpower

Choices are my Superpower

A Kid's Book About Making Choices and Understanding Consequences

Guide your kids in making the right choices.

Decisions can often pose challenges, particularly for children who struggle with impulsive reactions. This book aims to empower children by teaching them that they hold the power to shape their day. By considering the consequences of their actions, they can avoid a gloomy outcome and instead illuminate their day with bright possibilities.

Teach children about important concepts in an easy and engaging manner, such as:

  1. Choices
  2. Consequences
  3. Responsibility
  4. Making decisions
  5. Considering the consequences
  6. Being responsible
  7. Embracing mistakes and admitting when wrong

This book presents a captivating Traffic Light technique that will assist young ones in understanding their inner voice. Throfugh vibrant illustrations and delightful rhymes, children will learn the value of thoughtfulness and responsibility instead of hastiness.

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