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What to Write in Baby Shower Book

baby shower gifts

Congratulations are in order! A baby shower is a very special day for every mother-to-be, filled with positive vibrations and surprises. Whenever you are the guest of honor, a relative, or a close friend, be ready to face a challenge called “What is the perfect gift?”

One of the options getting popular nowadays is a special book with wishes and nice words to the future baby. You may bring a book instead of a card to make this day cherished for future parents and equip them with bright memories for years. The baby shower book is an original present showing your true intentions and wishes, and it is much more efficient than a single card.

Here are some ideas of what to write in a baby shower book:

cute quotes to put in a baby book

You can as well write a deep message from yourself; it doesn’t have to be a famous quote. Use your handwriting to show a personal touch and represent the unique atmosphere. The baby shower sign in books may involve people who are particularly close to the family.

 If you still think it is a cliché, just imagine how great it would be to receive a meaningful and spontaneous present for such a joyous occasion. 

What types of books for baby showers are the best?  It’s one problem of choosing what to buy, and it is different when the presents get returned. If you don’t want the book to follow the same path, take a look at some of the appropriate options:

  • The books for early development – as soon as the infant grows, the questions about his nature arise – in this case, books about human anatomy are very helpful. Find something inspiring; search for cute quotes to put in a baby book, and the gift will be appreciated! Another known fact is that book reduces stress by 68%. So it would be very useful to read books that help kids calm down.
  • The book with light stories ideal for bedtime – another category, which will be used by parents; since the baby fully changes the daily routine and requires constant attention, therefore, to put this screaming little human to sleep is a real challenge. It would be a good idea to choose books that add value. For example, some books teach children acceptance while others have amazing kindness lessons.
  • An assembly book – in other words, you may prefer a baby shower book instead of a card that collects an alphabet learner, animal stories, and even bedtime fairy tales. It will not cost much (anyway, no more than all kinds of books bought separately), but it will last longer, as the book is adaptable to changing priorities or needs of a child. 

Comprising Baby Shower Gift Message in a Card

A card is an appropriate gift when you’re not a close friend, but you’re somehow connected to mum-to-be. For example, what to write in a baby shower card for a coworker? You need to react to family changes and acknowledge someone from your department will soon have a baby.

Here are some examples of baby shower card wording:

baby shower book quotes

Don’t limit yourself in greetings and try to be sincere in what you are saying. A baby shower card idea is not enough to make an effective presentation. You can always come up with some good words or the Internet is of help when your words are not enough. Anyway, it reflects the purpose of the baby shower gift – to make this day as bright and shiny for parents as possible. So, what to write on a baby shower card is up to you. 

Remember the principle of matching presents and greetings: if surprising guests with a book, be consistent in words you use; if signing a card, try not to overwhelm parents with quotations, but rather be spontaneous. 

A good baby shower present will be a good memory for years, as long as the family creates life on its own, and the children grow up. 

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