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15 Best Homeschooling Resources For Your Kids

homeschooling resources for kids
For those parents who are interested in teaching kids at home, I’ve prepared a list of the best homeschooling resources. They`ll come in handy if you`re taking your child out of school to homeschool or just think about it. 

Where Can I Read More about Homeschooling?

Here is the list of 15 resources for your kids. Check them out. 


It’s a nonprofit advocacy group where parents can get legal advice. They also defend the rights of homeschooled kids on the national level. Besides, one can take part in a conference as well as subscribe to their magazine about homeschooling.


The platform was designed by a family, who has a lot of experience homeschooling their children. Everything is there:

  • Curriculums;
  • Product reviews;
  • Articles on homeschooling, etc.

Moreover, you`ll find the answers to the most important questions you have: how to deal with temper tantrums, punish a kid, praise him and many other. 


It’s a whole base of educational videos on different topics. One can use it independently or integrate a video into lessons. Plus, parents can create a collection of video-based lessons. 


Duolingo is a good resource for those kids who are learning a second foreign language. It’s free. Moreover, parents can check their kids` results. The app is available on every device and contains almost 30 languages to choose from. 


It’s a brilliant resource for learning math and science. There are plenty of breathtaking activities and hands-on science experiments. Furthermore, it’s free and widely popular among teachers and parents.

NASA for Students

It’s an amazing opportunity to learn more about outer space and astronomy on the whole. Well, it’s the most informative resource for students, where the data isn`t in doubt. The content is so engaging that many students will undoubtedly ask to use it more.   


This platform helps kids to learn math. It can be used on any device. The platform provides both free activities and paid ones (for several kids and a classroom). 

The Learning Network

It’s a project by NYT which aims to give everyday lessons on different topics such as science, nature, art, politics, etc. There are various activities and quizzes suitable for learning at home or in a classroom. The benefit is that all topics are related to current events in the world. 


Although the platform isn`t free, many parents find it worth paying for because of the variety and quality of content. There are many quizzes and activities for your kid’s development. 

The Activity Mom

Here one can learn more about the experience of bringing up children from former teachers. The resource is mainly for parents of preschoolers or elementary school students. One can find useful homeschooling resources on the website as well as educational activities for their little ones.


It’s a wonderful resource for everyone – students, their parents, or even teachers. Discovery education helps with homework, provides lesson plans, and offers various educational videos. One can spend hours there looking through the content.


This resource is for the parents of small children (up to 5 grade), who are looking for a  useful learning curriculum. SplashLearn provides both free and paid learning programs that cover basic subjects. Kids can also interact with a platform while parents check and save their children’s achievements. 

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a valuable source of free e-literature. It’s especially recommended for little bookworms who spend most of their family budget on books. Plus, it`ll satisfy the test of strong-willed kids who tend to choose fiction to read themselves.

Khan Academy

It’s a source of free lessons and exercises on almost every topic. Parents can benefit from it while preparing the whole lesson or just using the content as a supplement to their teaching routine.   

Simple Homeschool

The last today’s resource is one of the most popular ones because it really makes homeschooling easy. There’s everything that can be in the parents` area of interest. Articles, reviews, and other useful content that`ll make your life much easier.  
homeschooling resources for kids

Bonus: Top 10 Homeschooling Blogs

  1. Confessions of a Homeschooler by Erica. Erica is Christian, mom, wife, homeschooler, YouTuber, author, and quilter. Erica’s profile on Instagram has 42.8K followers and you can find her at @ericaarndt.
  2. I Can Teach My Child by Janae. Janae is a former first-grade teacher turned stay-at-home Momma to two boys. 6,161 person follows Janae on Instagram and you can find her at @icanteachmychild.
  3. Living Montessori Now by Deb. Deb has had her Montessori certification for teaching children ages 2½-5  through the St. Nicholas Training Centre in London. Deb’s profile on Instagram is pretty new. You can find her @livingmontessorinow. Here’s what Deb can share from her experience with homeschooling: “One of the main things I learned from homeschooling my two children from preschool through high school is that I don’t have to be perfect. It wasn’t unusual for me to not plan or record our homeschool activities as well as I should have. And sometimes we just got totally off schedule.  But what was great was that my children didn’t worry about that. So I really didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about it, either. And guess what … it didn’t matter to anyone in the end. What my children missed in direction from me they got from themselves. And that self-direction helped them both earn straight A’s throughout their bachelor’s degrees (and helped them love their college experiences!”
  4. Homegrown Learners by Mary. Mary is a homeschool graduate and a homeschool high schooler with two teaching degrees. 13,4 K people follow Mary on Insta. You can be on of them as well here @homegrown_learners.  Here’s Mary’s personal take on homeschooling: Once your family discovers the beauty and goodness of home education, amazing things begin to happen! You can homeschool your children. I promise”
  5. This Reading Mama by Becky. Becky comes from a family of teachers and absolutely love teaching, especially struggling learners. 19,5K people make out Becky’s community. You can become it’s part here @thisreadingmama.
  6. Hip Homeschool Moms by Trish and Wendy. Trish and Wendy have created a safe environment for parents to get quality information about homeschooling. The Hip Homeschool Moms have gathered 26,1K like-minded parents here @hiphomeschoolmoms.
  7. Freedom Homeschooling by Sarah May. Sarah May has created a website that makes it easier for you to locate free curriculum that meets your family’s needs. You can join Sarah’s 6,355 followers here @freedomhomeschooling.
  8. Learn in Color by Samantha. Samantha has created an educational platform where parents and teachers can find creative and engaging learning materials to teach children. Sam has helped 2,223 people learn more about homeschooling on Instagram. Join them here at @learnincolor.
  9. Kristi Clover helps Christian women find sanity and joy in the throes of mom life! Kristi has gathered nearly 11K followers on her Instagram at @kristiclover.
  10. Celebrate a Book with Mary Hanna Wilson by Mary Hanna. Mary Hanna inspires families to celebrate literature through book clubs and book celebrations.  @marywilsonblog has helped out 7,718 people get excited about homeschooling. “I love supporting homeschool families with tips, resources, and encouragement so they can feel confident as they homeschool their children. Most of all, I Iove to share great book titles, book club ideas, and discussion tips so families can create a culture of reading at home.”


Don’t neglect such resources because there’s always something you can take and use while teaching your kid. As a rule, the homeschooling resources provide information based on the experience of other people. Thus, you obtain the most effective and proven content that can boost the quality of your kid’s education at home. 

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