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10 Most Creative Reading Nook Ideas for Children

30 Most Creative Reading Nook Ideas for Children

Adult bookworms need only a gripping plot to spend the next few hours reading. But most kids don’t have ample motivation to sit still for too long. They need outer reasons for it such as vibrant illustrations, fascinating cover, or a breathtaking bookshelf with a reading nook.


Reading Area Ideas for Children

We live in a period when interior design is flourishing. There are so many kids` room ideas that we could barely decide on one of them because they are all brilliant. Yet, the same is true for reading decor. Here are 10 captivating book nooks for kids.

1. Teepee Tent

Photo Credit: Ana Lázaro

It`s a cozy and comfortable idea. Kids can lie on soft pillows, immersing themselves in the world of incredible stories. The lights on the tent, as well as its design, make children fall in love with it at first sight. See how the walls are decorated. You may put your kid’s favorite motto there and paint his beloved fictional character. One more advantage is a bookshelf at child height for easy reach. Your kid may place the most interesting books there. But the real highlight is a teepee. It looks so authentic with all the sticks above that a kid will feel himself as a real explorer sitting inside and imagining a story he reads.

By the way, this kind of a reading nook can help with kids’ anxiety.

2. Cozy Low Budget Reading Area

Photo Credit: Blinckenstaffs

This reading nook is a real catch for those who want both a cheap and comfortable reading area. With many shelves, it’s easy to store books and save a lot of space. Put down a soft, fleece warm rug as well as several pillows. Arrange shelves and place a toy storage bag next to them. Hang an interactive world map on the wall to mark the countries a kid has already been to or wants to visit. Moreover, having it in sight, he`ll learn about new countries and their capitals. As an option, you may hang a reward chart on the wall.

3. Forest Reading Corner

Photo Credit:

This idea is pleasing to the eyes of those boys and girls who like nature and animals. The kids reading nook is hidden under a big green leaf, making it more forest-like. Fluffy toys on the floor and a green fluffy carpet create the atmosphere of a forest clearing. Plus, the walls are decorated with images of animals and flowers. It makes kids feel comfortable. You can arrange bookshelves the same way and let children fill them with their favorite books.

Plus, a book about happiness can be a perfect addition to this nook.

4. Bookhouse for Robinson Crusoes

Photo Credit: The Created Home

This idea will definitely win your kid’s heart. Still, you need to fork out to make it happen. See how sophisticated the finishing is. It’s a bright wood with a curving pattern. Although, the true beauty is the room inside a room, like a secret space where kids can feel safe and relaxed. Moreover, the wooden rope bridge only increases the nook`s out-of-the-boxiness. Children can store their books inside the room. And, finally, it’s an ideal place to run away for an hour to read one more page-turner.

5. Girls Reading Nooks

The main element of this reading area is also a teepee, but a girlish one. Bright colors are dominant. That makes a nook very homely and attractive. Use lights and pictures to create a fairy-tale atmosphere, thus, she can feel herself a princess. Choose the toys she likes and, of course, bring her favorite books. By the way, the kid’s reading nook looks like a mini-library. Thus, children get accustomed to the very idea that there are special places to enjoy reading. In turn, visiting libraries, according to research, improves reading abilities as well as reading skills.

6. Bookshelf with Reading Nook

Photo Credit: Brooke Berry

This nook appeals to those who collect books and want to demonstrate their gem to others. It’s very practical, convenient, and spacious. Kids have all their books on hand to work with or just look through colorful illustrations. Everything that’s left is to make sure pillows and mattresses are soft enough to spend hours on them.

7. Mountain Boys Reading Nooks

Photo Credit: Making Manzanita

Make your son feel like a real explorer. This reading decor takes a young man far to the mountains where both victories and defeats await him. In a teepee, he can experience the full range of emotions when reading about heroes of all times. What a nice way to motivate your son to read adventurous fiction or reveal his superpower book.

8. Reading Area for Siblings

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Use kids’ closets as a reading nook for your children. You can create two-story nooks, taking into account your kids` interests. Thus, on the first floor, the walls can be decorated with flowers, while on the second, cars and jets prevail. This nook is also a nice idea to arrange a reading area for those kids who study at home, especially when they get accustomed to homeschooling and want to do everything together, like in a classroom.

9. Reading Nook You Can Read in Forever

Photo Credit: Lemon & Kiwi Designs

It`s an example of the successful separation of sections of the room. The window makes it very bright, which is good for kids` eyes. Plus, if you have fascinating window scenery, it makes reading even more pleasant. The corner has enough space to arrange bookshelves, a cozy carpet, and other elements your child may want to see there. By the way, pay enough attention to the curtains because their vibrancy makes the nook even more captivating.

10. Wardrobe Book Nooks

Photo Credit: Mamaliefde

Almost all kids dream of getting into a closet to play there and remain unnoticed. This corner will not leave young readers indifferent. Its oddity and eccentricity make it special for kids. But if they like it, you`ll have problems taking them out.

Reading nooks can also be used for coloring. Try out anti-stress coloring pages with your kids.

11. Magical Treehouse Nook

Photo Credit: Branded Girls

Build a mini treehouse inside the room, complete with wooden shelves for books and cushions on the floor for seating. Decorate the space with fairy lights, artificial leaves, and soft nature-themed fabrics to create a magical reading experience.

12. Underwater Adventure Nook

Photo Credit: Homedesigninspired

Transform the nook into an underwater world with blue and green hues. Use ocean-themed wallpaper or murals and add comfy bean bags shaped like sea creatures. Hang a fishing net from the ceiling to display books and incorporate a porthole-style window decal to spark kids’ imaginations.

13. Enchanted Castle Library

Photo Credit: Christie

Design the nook like a medieval castle with faux stone walls, a “drawbridge” entry, and shelves shaped like turrets. Place a cozy rug with a knight or dragon theme on the floor and hang tapestries depicting classic fairy tales.

14. Space Odyssey Nook

Photo Credit: athome.kimvallee

Create a space-themed reading nook with walls adorned in stars and planets. Use metallic materials for the shelves and add glow-in-the-dark elements to mimic the night sky. Place a rocket-shaped bookshelf and celestial-themed cushions for seating.

15. Time-Traveling Portal

Build a book nook with a theme of time travel. Use vintage suitcases as bookshelves, antique maps as wall decor, and an old-fashioned clock as the centerpiece. Hang a chalkboard to look like a portal where kids can write their favorite book destinations.

16. Campfire Cozy Nook

Photo Credit: Jenna Livingston

Recreate the feeling of camping with a campfire-themed nook. Use faux logs to create bookshelves and place battery-operated fairy lights to resemble a cozy campfire. Add camping-themed pillows and blankets for kids to cuddle up while reading.

17. Storybook Garden Nook

Photo Credit: BookBub

Craft a garden-inspired reading space by using flower-shaped cushions, floral wallpaper, and shelves resembling wooden fences. Hang fairy tale-themed bunting and floral garlands for a whimsical touch.

18. Superhero Hideout

Photo Credit: Kaeli Stone

Design the nook as a superhero headquarters, with shelves shaped like skyscrapers and cityscapes painted on the walls. Decorate with superhero-themed posters and plush toys, and provide capes or masks for kids to wear while they read.

19. Animal Safari Nook

Photo Credit: Behance

Transform the reading nook into a wildlife adventure. Use animal prints for cushions and rugs, add a safari tent or canopy, and place stuffed animals to create a safari atmosphere. Incorporate books about animals and nature for an educational touch.

20. Wizarding World Nook

Photo Credit: Kharty92

Create a magical reading nook inspired by the world of wizards and witches. Decorate with floating candles (battery-operated for safety), use bookshelves resembling potion cabinets, and hang “magic” scrolls with book quotes on the walls.

Remember to include a comfortable reading spot, ample storage for books, and make the space child-friendly and safe. Encourage kids to engage their imagination and creativity, and you’ll have a reading nook that will inspire a lifelong love of books.

21. Whimsical Circus Tent Nook

Photo Credit: crystoramastyleblog

Create a circus-themed reading nook with a colorful striped tent as the centerpiece. Use circus-themed wall decals and posters, and place circus animal plushies as reading buddies. Hang twinkling lights to mimic the magical atmosphere of a circus.

22. Mystical Forest Glade

Photo Credit: Heather Perry

Transform the nook into an enchanted forest glade with fairy tale-themed wallpaper and fairy lights. Include a toadstool-shaped table for kids to rest their books and stump-shaped cushions for seating.

23. Classic Library Nook

Photo Credit: chois

Design a mini library with classic charm. Use dark wood bookshelves, leather-bound book covers, and vintage-inspired decor. Add a cozy armchair and a reading lamp for a sophisticated touch.

24. Artistic Studio Nook

Photo Credit: Meri Cherry

Create an artsy reading space with an easel holding a chalkboard or whiteboard for kids to express themselves. Hang art supplies on the wall for quick access, and include art-themed picture books and graphic novels in the collection.

25. Prehistoric Adventure Nook

Photo Credit: Laura McKeown

Take kids back in time to the land of dinosaurs. Use dinosaur-themed wallpaper, and incorporate shelves shaped like ancient fossils. Add dinosaur plushies and wall decals to complete the prehistoric ambiance.

26. Nautical Escape Nook

Photo Credit: Julia Johnson

Design a maritime-inspired reading nook with blue and white stripes. Hang a ship’s wheel on the wall and place a boat-shaped bookshelf for storage. Include books about sea creatures and maritime adventures.

27. Space Station Nook

Photo Credit: Sophie Hollis

Create an intergalactic reading nook resembling a futuristic space station. Use metallic materials, spaceship-themed bookshelves, and hang model planets from the ceiling. Add astronaut helmets or space-themed bean bags for seating.

28. Farmhouse Retreat Nook

Photo Credit: In The Playroom

Design a cozy farmhouse-inspired reading nook with rustic wooden shelves, gingham-patterned cushions, and farmhouse-themed wall art. Include books about farm animals and rural adventures.

29. Outer Space Observatory

Photo Credit: Instructables

Turn the nook into a space observatory with a telescope for stargazing. Use celestial-themed wall decals and glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Include space-themed books and encyclopedias about the universe.

30. A Pink Book Nook

Photo Credit: Home decore Ideas

Get a plush, oversized cushion forms the centerpiece of the nook, offering a plush seat for young readers to sink into. Pile it high with an assortment of plush pillows in various shapes and sizes, it guarantees hours of uninterrupted reading comfort. The cushion must be thoughtfully positioned beneath a large window that invites the gentle sunlight to spill in, creating the perfect illumination for turning pages and exploring new worlds.


Modern kids are very lucky because their parents can arrange for them the whole area for reading. It greatly increases the chances that they’ll fall in love with books. And that`ll be an everlasting love. What a happy end! Let it be so!

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