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Top 10 Challenges to Do with Your Kids

Top 10 Challenges to Do with Your Kids
Childhood is not only the age of fun and joy but also a beneficial moment for kids` development, both physical and mental. Caring parents take care of their little one’s education. They enroll them in special classes and take advantage of other possibilities to make toddlers ready for school. According to Statista, 94% of preschoolers in North America and Europe, as well as 67 % of children worldwide are prepared for school.

Why Should I Experience Challenges for Kids with My Little One?

Challenges can teach your daughter or son a lot of useful skills and new knowledge, such as

  • stamina;
  • team-game;
  • observation;
  • tolerance to failures;
  • communication skills;
  • imagination, etc.

The list can include other features, depending on the kind of challenge a child undergoes. Parents can find dozens of fun ideas. For example, youtube challenges for kids. In almost all of them, girls and boys have to apply out-of-the-box thinking, patience, and perseverance. These are the traits that strengthen one`s character, by the way.
Today’s topic covers 10 fun challenges for kids that are useful and fun. You can take part in them to bond with little ones and spend a weekend together. The family challenge game can be interesting for kids of all ages, even toddlers and preschoolers.

10 Сhallenging Games to Try Out Right Now

Build Me a…. (Whatever)

For this family challenge game, one needs lego bricks or other similar stuff. There should be no less than two participants. The more, the better. Make cards with the names of buildings on them and let each participant have a random choice. Thus, everyone has to build a different building. It can be

  • zoo,
  • hospital,
  • farm,
  • market,
  • police station, etc.

Everyone has to keep in secret which card he`s obtained. Participants have 5-7 minutes to construct their buildings. Then each of them has to guess which kind of building is made by other participants.

Find As Many Things As Possible

This is a nice challenge for preschoolers. It helps them learn new objects and refresh their memory. Tell your little one that he has 3 minutes to find as many red objects at home as possible. You can vary the challenge and set different goals, such as finding objects of different

  • colors (blue, green, etc.)
  • shape ( round, triangle);
  • material (plastic, metal, paper).

By the way, reading books can really help broaden your kids’ outlook on life and help them get educated in a fun way.

Name As Many Animals As You Can

This type of challenge tends to develop general knowledge in toddlers and preschoolers. Ask them to name as many objects or other things as they can. It could be the names of the

  • cities;
  • rivers;
  • countries;
  • kitchen appliances;
  • stationery;
  • food;
  • sports;
  • furniture;
  • vehicles;
  • animals, etc.

Set the time limit. It can be from 10 sec to 5 minutes. It all depends on the level of knowledge. Avoid setting a big time interval to avoid embarrassing silence.

24 Hour Challenges to Do at Home

Round clock challenges can be too difficult for preschoolers. They cannot concentrate on the same topic for so long. So you can still stick to the idea but reduce the time to keep a child’s interest.

Can You Finish Your Food?

Parents can take advantage of this challenge by encouraging kids to do the things they often refuse. You need at least two kids. Tell them that the next day they are going to eat everything on their plate. Parents can take part in it as well.
Children tend to object, but you can motivate them by putting more on your plate than you usually eat. So, it`ll be challenging for you as well. Act and demonstrate to kids how it’s difficult for you to finish your plate. Probably, they will try to make fun of you, and their plate will not seem to them as big as usual.


It can be a real challenge for those kids who suffer from phone addiction. But it’s also a chance to get rid of it. The rules are simple. Tell your little one to put his favorite gadget into a box and seal it. Come up with the award system printed on a piece of paper and put it on the box.
For example, a kid can take the phone after an hour but receive nothing. If he waits one more hour, he’ll be rewarded with candy, and after four hours – with a chocolate bar. Develop your own system, increasing or reducing the time limit.

Be Polite 24 Hours

One should always be polite. But we often miss opportunities to reveal it to the full extent. So, take part in this challenge yourself and demonstrate to kids the maximum politeness.
Say have a nice day to all the people you interact with, don`t forget about please and I`m sorry. Encourage the kid to follow your example and challenge him to be more polite than you.


Tell a kid that he’s in charge of helping close ones for the next 24 hours. Compare his duties to the duties of police officers to make it look serious. Besides, you can make him a uniform or at least a badge “Superhelper”.
A kid may keep a record of his good deeds and then make a report. Don’t forget to reward him.
Top 10 Challenges to Do with Your Kids (1)

Sports Challenges for Kids

Don`t Touch the Floor

Blow balloons and ask kids to keep them up, tossing them with hands or legs so that it doesn’t reach the floor.

Treasure Hunting

You can do it at home or outdoors. The level of difficulty depends on the kid’s age. For toddlers, you can draw arrows pointing in the direction. Schoolchildren may do puzzles or riddles to get the hint.
Such challenging games develop organizational skills, logical thinking, and patience. If you have more than one kid, the game may bring them together and bring up a team player.

Dunk a Ball into a Cube

Set a cube and give kids a ball to toss into the container. The distance between a child and a cube shouldn’t be too large, but also make sure the game is still challenging. Invite friends of your little one to take part in it.

Balance Beam

Draw a line on the ground or use masking tape. A kid needs to come to the end of the line walking on it. Make zig-zags, spirals, and other shapes to make it more challenging. This family challenge game develops coordination in kids and teaches them not to give up when failing an attempt.
By the way, The Effects of Coordination and Movement Education research sheds light on the importance of boosting coordination. It tends to positively affect the development of motor skills.

At the end of the day, a great way to reflect on these challenges would be to fill out the “I Can” worksheets and sum-up your achievements.


The list of challenges isn`t limited to these activities. But they do grasp kids` attention. Try one of them right today. Maybe it`ll become your little one’s favorite activity.

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