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St. Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

St. Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids (1)
February 14th is a controversial holiday. Those in love cannot help waiting to share presents with their significant others. And those who are alone wish the 15th day of the month woul come as quickly as possible. Yet, it’s not only a holiday for adults. 
Children can join in the celebration as well and reveal their love to close ones. Parents may use this day to talk about love and explain its essence to small children. Here are the top Valentine’s day ideas for kids.

How to Spend St. Valentine’s Day This Year? 

The range of possible activities and ideas for the holiday is tremendous. Parents and teachers can choose from active, art, and other types of activities. All the ideas encourage us to celebrate the holiday of love with friends, and those people whom we respect and adore. 

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

The most valuable presents are hand-made ones. When talking about kids, it brings them benefits as well. Preschoolers develop their motor skills and enhance creativity when working on presents. Schoolchildren learn to reveal their feelings and find the right words for them. Finally, art is always about beauty, and it cannot be boring. 
By the way, statistics by Zion Market Research say that the Global Arts and Crafts for Children Market has been growing since 2020. Children prefer new art supplies which provide more options for hand-made creativity. The tendency is most widespread among millennials and generation Z. No doubt, kids will like art Valentine`s activities.
You can think about your own ideas or use printable cut out valentine’s day crafts. Whatever you choose, a kid has a chance to get busy with an exciting craft.

A Map of Your Heart 

We have many objects of love. It could be not only close ones but also animals, hobbies, and even cities. So, the range of things to draw for valentine’s day is big indeed.
Let the kid draw a map of his heart where he should place everyone and everything he loves. A child can use all tools he likes: colored pencils, watercolors, colored paper, glitter, etc.  Having the map done, initiate a conversation about love and let your little one explain why he has placed those people and objects on his map. 

Make Valentine’s Photo Frame 

Choose the family photo you all like. Look for Valentine`s frame examples on the Internet or come up with your own design. 
Here’s an idea. Cut a heart from cardboard and paint it with watercolors. Glue small hearts covered with glitter or also painted with any type of paint. Put a photo into it or glue both the frame and photo to a big piece of cardboard. 

Valentine’s Day Slime

Kids, especially girls, like playing with slime. This time you can ask your little one to shape hearts to give to people she wants to share her love with. 

Heart Corner Bookmarks

Take several sheets of red paper and cut hearts out of them. Fold them so that they can be placed between pages. Let a kid give the set of bookmarks to his friend. It’s also a nice idea to write wishes on them. 
As an option, use printable cut out valentine’s day crafts ideas to make your bookmarks. By the way, there can be three hearts of different colors glued together. They may have facial features with a smile on them.

5 Reasons I Love You

This is a very touching activity. A kid can make either a hand-made book or a list, both containing the reasons for love. He can choose the design, tools, and decorations. A child may use his favorite ones:

  • glitter;
  • heart-shaped stickers;
  • ribbons;
  • watercolors;
  • pencils;
  • markers, etc.

Help children to come up with the reasons. For example, a girl may want to give her mom a book. The reasons can be different such as: 

  1. You look after me;
  2. You read me bed-time stories;
  3. You get my hair done;
  4. You cook delicious cakes;
  5. You comfort me.

Don’t use cliches but rather encourage the kid to find his own words.
St. Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Printable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Look through the Internet and find the samples to print and then paint. It could be paper hearts, postcards, etc. It`s a quick way to get your little one busy with a holiday craft. Besides, you can find similar ideas such as gratitude or kindness crafts for kids

Watercolor Valentines

Cut valentines out of white paper. Then ask the children to paint them. The design is free to choose from. Kids may work with pencils. There are many things to draw for Valentine’s day. 

Stone Hearts

The hearts made of stones can still symbolize love. Go stone hunting with your little one. Find small stones, especially those the shape of which resembles a heart.
Draw on them various Valentine`s day pictures such as couples of birds, small hearts, balloons, etc. Also, you can paint them white first and then, when the surface is dry, draw other pictures. 

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Discuss Traditions of Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day Around the World

Watch a film or make a presentation for kids about traditions. Discuss the topic. Ask them:

  • Which traditions they like/ don`t like;
  • What traditions they already know;
  • What they would change.

How to Reveal Your Love?

Valentine’s Day ideas for kids can teach your kids how to reveal their feelings. Ask your little one to say I love you to a friend or sibling without saying the very phrase. A kid will be confused.  
Have a talk with children about the means of revealing love. Tell them that one doesn’t need to say I love you every time he wants to say that. Love can be hidden in

  • questions about one`s problems;
  • sweets shared with a friend;
  • a compliment;
  • a help one provides;
  • a hand-made present, etc.

Then ask kids to reveal their love to a friend without saying it. 

Final Word

Whatever you choose for this special day, either printable valentine’s day crafts for preschoolers or outdoor activities, make sure you do it with love. Let kids feel the atmosphere of happiness and kindness!  

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