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Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Fun summer activities for kidsSummer is a perfect time to gain new strength and enjoy life. Kids have been waiting for the holidays whole year and now they are free from homework and other daunting stuff. Do you know how to make this summer memorable and exciting? There`re many ideas to implement. 

20 Things to Do in the Summer

Holidays should be both healthy and beneficial. Ideally, by the end of August, children must become more experienced and strong. For this, they need to be active, communicative, and curious about everything. But unfortunately, many kids gradually become couch potatoes. So, in a research study, scientists examined the impact of summer vacation on children`s obesogenic behaviors. It turns out that the daily routine is much unhealthier in summer because there is no schedule to follow. To reduce screen time you should offer something no less breathtaking than gadgets and TV. How about these ideas?  

Camp in the Yard

Try this cool summer camp activity for kids. Pitch a tent and spend a night with your kid. Read some interesting facts about astronomy and try to find constellations in the sky. Wait for a shooting star. It’s gonna be a fantastic night. 

Take up a Healthy Hobby

Teach your little one an active routine such as 

  • roller skating, 
  • dancing, 
  • swimming, 
  • playing tennis, 
  • gymnastics, etc. 

Make a Picnic at Home

Encourage your kids to prepare a picnic for the whole family. Help him if needed. But don’t make them do it. Ask instead. They’ll be proud of the fact that his parents entrusted them with such an event. Don’t skimp on praise and be sure to note that they did a good job.

Go to the Movies

Summer activities for preschoolers cannot do without movies and cartoons. But instead of sitting in front of your TV, go to the cinema. Don`t forget to discuss a movie with your little ones. They may have a lot of wise thoughts you`re not aware of. 

Visit Wildlife Refuges

Play naturalist at one of the numerous wildlife refuges. You`ll encounter many beautiful animals and landscapes. Just imagine, you are going to hike through deep forests and pristine rivers. There’s nothing like a summer adventure!

Enter a Craft Class

Although taking classes in summer may sound a little bit weird, it can be interesting. And it’s time to prove it to your kids. The more unusual craft you choose the more chances to take your child’s breath away. 

Tour Your Hometown

It doesn’t matter where you live. Whether it`s LA or a small rural city, go for a walk and visit the most interesting places. If it’s the hometown of the mom or dad, they can share their childhood memories with the kids. By the way, it’s a nice chance to create a strong bond with your little one. 
Fun summer activities for kids

Make a Home Video

Shoot your summer routine. Involve kids in it. Explain to a child how to use equipment and let him be a cameraman. Even if the videos seem to be meaningless, you`ll burst out laughing in some years watching them. Shoot fun summer activities you take part in as well as family dinners, morning routine, trips, etc.

Run in the Sprinkler

Many people would agree that it’s the coolest thing to do outside with kids. Let them be soaked through and play tricks. For the majority of children, running in the sprinkler will become a moment of sincere happiness.

Do a Science Experiment

Summer activities for kids can include indoor ones. If it’s too cold or rainy, for example. Why not get busy with science which can be as exciting as magic? Buy a special kit or find some interesting experiments to do on YouTube. But, first of all, make sure it’s safe.

Paint Outside

Are you sure your backyard looks attractive? If not, give your little one a chance to practice art there. As an option, collect stones and paint them or draw a picture and then design the yard with such art objects.

Travel in Nature

Nature is thriving in summer. Make sure to enjoy it at least one time. The more, the better, of course. 

Go Volunteering

Among countless things to do outside with kids, there’s one good deed. Go volunteering! Kids can cope with collecting canned goods or cleaning up the neighborhood. Join them and be an example to follow. By the way, according to the Journal of Happiness Studies people who help others selflessly turn out to be more satisfied with life.

Make a Bird Feeder

Invite birds to your backyard by placing food for them. Deep into summer crafts for preschoolers and make a feeder together with your kid. Then observe the birds flying to you. Also, organize a photo hunt and learn together more about the species you have detected.
Fun summer activities for kids

Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

That’s one of the funniest activities I can ever imagine. Google some scenarios or come up with your own. The prize must be valuable and unexpected, by the way. You may involve your friends and relatives, giving them clues to find. This way, kids learn social skills as well. 

Make Ice Cream

What if it’s rainy? There are fun things to do in summer at home. For example, homemade ice cream. Create a yummy dessert for the whole family. Kids cannot help but take part in it. 

Swap Toys

Offer your kid to choose the toys he likes no more. Then invite their friends and ask them beforehand to take the toys they don’t need too. Take turns swapping toys. Make sure to act honestly.

Build a Fort

Push the chairs or couches together and cover them with a blanket. Your fort is ready to settle down in. 

Gather Together Around a Bonfire

Go to the forest or backyard and wait until it’s dark. Build a fire and sit around it. Sing your favorite songs and play guitar if you can.

Take a Trip to a City You Have Never Been to

The more you travel, the more experience your kid obtains. If you take a trip to an interesting place not far from you, it’s also beneficial to your child. Plus, you may involve them in planning a trip budget. It`s a good opportunity to practice money literacy.

Final Thoughts

Use these ideas, adjust them according to your own preferences or come up with something else. The key point is not to waste the summertime doing nothing. Don’t just leave a smartphone or internet as nanny for your kids  Be mindful! 
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