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30 Best Fall Activities for Kids

30 Best Fall Activities For Kids
Fall is coming! Those who adore colorful and rustling leaves underfoot have a reason to be happy. 91 fall days are awaiting you. Autumn is the perfect time to get ready to Thanksgiving with fun activities. Yet, if your child still misses sunny summer, I have amazing fall activities for kids to forget about everything. Let’s go!

Best Things to Do This Fall

Make this fall season unforgettable. Here are the 30 best ideas.

Decorate Your Home

Welcome the fall by creating themed home decoration items. Surf the net in search of some amazing ideas. Then you can go to a shop to find the needed items or deep into fall crafts for preschoolers to make fantastic decorations yourself. But your little one cannot do without your help. Be around. 

Ride a Bike

Fall nature can charm everyone. Choose a road with scenic views and set off for a bike trip. Involve your family or invite your kid`s friends. You can enjoy biking every fall weekend or even more often. 

Hayride Time

Among funny things to do in fall children like this one the most – hayride. Visit the local countryside and make fun by picking apples and grapes. Then, after a hard rural routine, make time to relax and go on a hayride.

Make a Collection of Leaves

This fall activity is quite acceptable for toddlers. Go on leaf hunting and pick the most fabulous ones. Take them home and make a collection of fall leaves. For this, use a sketchbook by gluing leaves to paper. Don’t let your little one work with glue himself, though. Help him instead and create a collection together.

Collect Leaves for Painting

It`s one more fun fall activity for preschoolers. Collect the leaves laying them between two sheets of paper. Then take colored pencils and paint on an upper sheet. The leaf pattern will emerge on it. What a fall magic! 

Have a Pet

Take a dog from a shelter and take care of him. But there is a caveat. Have an animal only if you`re ready to be responsible for it. A dog isn’t a toy. Yet, if you`ve decided to take one, you`ve got a nice outdoor fall idea for your child – go for a walk with the pet every day. By the way, pets teach kids responsibility

Cook a Delicious Cake or Cookie

After a walk in the rain, one wants to wrap oneself in a blanket as well as help oneself to a warm tea and delicious cookies. Actually, that’s the reason to bake a yummy cake or cookie. Choose the recipe and make a sweet dessert for the whole family and friends.

Create a Thankful Tree for a Thanksgiving Day

This easy fall activity for kids is a good idea to remind the child of the importance of being grateful. Make a tree from colored paper and attach leaves to it. Write down on each one what you are thankful for. Do it together with your son or daughter – set them an example. 

Paint a Fall Scenery

If the weather is good enough to go for a walk in the park, head there and sit on a bench. Take a sketchbook and ask your little one to draw the scenery. Such fun fall crafts for preschoolers develop observation skills and attentiveness as well as improve a sense of taste.

Pay a Visit to a Bookstore

Long fall evenings are a perfect time to read together with your kid. The cold outside will only increase the desire to sit comfortably on a sofa and chat with close ones. Choose a book together with your kid and read it out loud. Discuss interesting issues and answer the questions your daughter or son may have.

Enroll in the Library

If you cannot afford to buy many books but your child likes reading, enroll him in the local children’s library. There he can meet new friends and make the first steps to socializing with other people. And, of course, find many books to read this fall.

Fall Science

Buy special kits or find some easy experiments on YouTube. It`ll take your kid’s attention and, maybe, make him fall in love with science.

Scarf Craft

Indoor fall crafts for preschoolers have a variety of options. Look for no-sew scarves ideas for young kids and help your child cope with it. This activity is more likely to be preferred by girls, but if your son will make such a present for one of his parents, you`re a lucky one. 

Visit a Fall Festival

Look for interesting festivals to make good use of your time. Take, for example, a harvest festival. Your little one may invite his friends to join him. Thus, the fall occasion is a brilliant chance to bond with friends more.

Observe the Weather and Nature

In the fall, days become shorter while nights are getting longer. Plus, the difference in the weather is also noticeable, especially in the northern states. Ask your kid to observe nature and keep a special weather calendar where he can write down the temperature and tick off the weather type. Do it every day, and then, on November 30th, compare the weather on the first day of the fall and the last. 

Feed the Birds

In the late fall, birds have fewer options to eat. Construct a feeder and fill it with corn or bread crumbs. 
30 Best Fall Activities For Kids

Go to Nature

Choose a national park or any other destination where nature creates a breathtaking masterpiece and spend the whole weekend there. 

Make Acorn People

Many people cannot imagine fall activities for kids without such DIY crafts. The range of ideas is unlimited. Just google the topic and find many interesting options. You can create the whole city. There are no limits to one’s imagination. It’s a real must-have. 

Bake Apple Chips

What a yummy dessert apple chips are. But most of all, they are healthy to consume. By promoting such recipes, you teach your kid one of the healthy habits (so needed in adult life, by the way).  

Corn Maze

Many kids dream about such an adventure. Find the corn maze nearby and set off for it. Kids will receive a memorable experience. What a venture to split into teams and go after one another!

Jump into a Leaf Pile

Among things to do in fall, jumping in a pile of crunchy leaves is one of the most amusing. Yet, make sure there are no dangerous objects inside. By the way, it’d be better to collect fallen leaves in your own yard to be sure it’s safe. Or go into the forest and collect a pile yourself as well. 

Make a Pumpkin Ice Cream

The pumpkin is one of the fall`s symbols. Why not combine a summer freshness in the form of ice cream but a pumpkin instead of common ingredients? Surf the net to find the recipe you want to implement in life.

Arrange a Photo Shoot Outdoors

Fall nature is one of the most incredible. You must have a themed family collage. 

Do Horse Riding

Horses are very noble animals. Riding on it brings much fun. Plus, according to the research in the Frontiers in Public Health, horse riding can improve learning abilities and reduce stress. It becomes possible due to the vibrations produced by the animal, activating the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for cognitive skills. 

Build a Leaf Fort

In winter one builds a snowman, but in fall, it’s time to construct something more unorthodox. What about a leaf fort? Help your little one to arrange walls so that they keep standing for at least several days. Then you can arrange a whole leaf house with the help of a blanket or other additional stuff. You can read stories there or just imagine that a leaf fort is your secret headquarters.

Spend an Evening by the Fireplace

You can look through family photos or just chat about random stuff. 

Go on a Boat Ride

Head to a lake with a scenic view and swim in a boat there. But you have to wear a life vest. Still, if you aren’t sure you are capable of controlling a boat, hire a professional boat driver. 

Make a Trip on a Train

It doesn’t matter whether you need to go somewhere. Just get on a train with beautiful scenery and get started on a new adventure. 

Build a Den in the Woods

Every boy as well as some girls like mysteries and secrets. A secret den in the forest is the very thing. Parents can take part in its construction to make it safe. 

Have a Fall Picnic

Gather your family and spend one warm day outdoors.


These ideas are only a drop in the ocean. Use them or check for even more universal ideas on kids` activity blogs. Your task is to make this fall fantastic, and I’m sure you can. 

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