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Kindness Coloring Pages: How it Works

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Teaching kids how to walk and use tableware turns out to be much easier than showing abstract things like kindness. Kindness is impossible to impose; the parents can only show it with practical examples. Since kids easily engage in games and creative practices, this is the potential way to mix acquiring new skills with fun.

Today, many coloring pages are available for free online; you can find the best printable option and download it in high quality. While matching colors, kids can listen to an audiobook; the more relaxing activity increases their perception and learning ability. 

Here is what you need to know when choosing the coloring pdf pages for kids to teach them kindness:

  • Remember about a personal example – after all, when trying to get a child to learn about acts of kindness, a parent should be patient and have enough time. Kids are highly sensitive to stressful situations; when mom or dad is nervous, they are rather likely to refuse to learn and become disenchanted.

Kindness Coloring Page (Download PDF)

kindness coloring page

  • Don’t try to influence the choice of colors; don’t get mad when a child leaves an area discolored. Children are only in process of recognizing shapes and picturing the world; they cannot imagine everything adults have done and seen. By forcing kids to see the coloring pages the way you want them to see, you destroy their individuality and creativity. This is way opposite of kindness which is the primary goal for coloring practice. In addition, we go back to the point of a personal example; since kids are the pros in repetitions, you are the mirror for their newly-launched emotions and the best example of how they can show these emotions. Also, you will be surprised how calming the exercise can be!

Be Kind Printable (Donwload PDF)

kindness coloring page


  • Expand the choice with alternative options – no obligations to use only pencils or paints; avoid the dilemma by printing the coloring pages you and kids like and using plasticine, for example. This can be as well a mandatory practice for a diverse vision: children will not be limited by the colors and textures, because they will have a wide choice from what they like to what they want to have. Playing outside can be the best option for the summertime: kids will be happy to draw endless pictures and color them up with chalk pieces.

Spread Kindness Coloring Page (Download PDF)

kindness coloring page

  • Create a little exhibition – the best way to consolidate a skill is to repeat it of course. You may offer a kid to put a picture in a prominent place at home where everyone can see it, even from a distance. This is a way to show some appreciation, and much more – the importance of understanding what kindness is and how to apply it in real life.

Choose to Be Kind Coloring Page (Download PDF)

kindness coloring page

Final Words

Whatever idea you come up with, don’t be afraid to explore your creative side. Kids are very likely to pursue honest behavior, and they will be grateful to anyone they spend time with. Don’t engage too much in books; since all the ideas are in your head, you should just let it go and take acquiring a new skill by kid very seriously. 

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