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Patience Activities Worksheets for Kids (Downloadable)

Most kids are swift, restless, and excitable. They cannot control their emotions and fail to concentrate on a certain task. Needless to say how much trouble parents experience with such children. It’s difficult to go shopping with them or travel for a long time. But, most of all, strong-willed kids have problems while learning such basics as writing or reading. That causes additional problems for both parents and teachers. We have discussed how to teach kids patience already. But today we will focus on patience activities worksheets.

Play-based Learning vs. Worksheets

There are different learning methods. They vary according to the purpose of study, kids` age, and many other factors. Worksheets are one of the most popular ones.
Worksheet is a lined sheet of paper decorated with various pictures. Depending on the purpose of a worksheet, kids can:

  • add their own letters and phrases;
  • write down answers;
  • circle the right answer;
  • paint something;
  • play a game on a smartphone (not too long, though)
  • solve the puzzle, etc.

Here’re the best examples of such worksheets.
The first worksheet motivates the kid to think if actions are patient or impatient. After doing this activity, ask your kid or student, what they would do in these situations.

Free Printable “Patience or Impatience” PDF
patience worksheet

By the way, this worksheet can help with kids’ anxiety.

Free Printable “Art Patience” PDF
patience worksheet
A researcher from Northwestern College compared play-based learning to worksheets. It turned out that both are very useful. Still, students found interacting activities more exciting.
Such results are a small wonder since all kids like playing games. Still, when it comes to teaching patience, play-based learning doesn’t work. The aim is to calm down and gather one’s thoughts, thus, worksheets are the very thing to concentrate on. A developing patience worksheet includes tasks and rules that help build the habit of sitting still for a little while.

How to Teach Kids Patience?

Bringing up a strong-willed child is an interesting challenge. Yet, if your kid doesn’t have behavior problems, they may still need the skill to keep patience. Here are the main principles of teaching patience.

  • Be Patient Yourself. Kids inevitably look up to their parents. If you`re always overwrought and irritated, your children have no chances to learn patience. Be in harmony with yourself first.
  • Teach Them Waiting. Tell your little one that a certain period of time should pass before something happens. For example, waiting a Christmas present can be quite a challenge. Ask them to get busy when waiting. For example, play with the patience worksheets.
  • Give Reasons to Wait. Provided that the necessity to wait sounds reasonable, kids are more likely to accept it and shift their attention. Furthermore, if children are aware of the amount of time they have to languish, it`ll be easier for them to keep calm.

The Benefits of Patience Worksheets

It’s logical that to learn patience one should practice it. Furthermore, success depends on the quality of time spent relaxed. If kids like the state of calmness, they won’t reject it. A developing patience worksheet is an effective method of capturing kids’ attention. Why?

  • It’s designed for kids, taking into account that they have no skills of being patient;
  • The tasks are breathtaking;
  • As a rule, it includes statements about patience, which kids keep in mind subconsciously. It becomes a motto later.
  • Kids unlock their hidden creative genius by painting on patience worksheets. By the way, according to the Washington University School of Medicine, art activities reduce stress and calm down our minds
  • Some types of patience worksheets are useful alternatives to coloring pages. Hence, kids perceive it not as an educational session, but as an amusing activity. Don`t forget to buy them colored pencils and paints. The more painting tools children have, the better.

Free Printable Patience Roadmap PDF

The worksheet above helps kids to get the idea what patience is and encourages them to do some creative thinking of their own.


Download my patience worksheets right now. It’s both fun and educational. You’ll be surprised how quickly your little one will start being patient and be

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