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The 5 Gift Rule for Christmas

Christmas is coming! As long as the last autumn leaves fall off trees, you have time to think about Christmas gift ideas for your kids. Don`t wait until the very end but start your preparation right now. It brings lots of pleasure after all. But keep in mind that gifts should not only be big and expensive but also meaningful and useful. That’s what I want to talk about today. 

What Stuff to Put on Your Christmas List?

Almost all parents are puzzled by this question. Gifts are definitely the most important stuff to take care of. But what to do if you have no idea what your kid would like to obtain? You may ask a shop assistant to name something every child wants for Christmas. 
Some moms and dads want to get to the bottom with the help of a Christmas gift questionnaire. That’s a good idea as well. But what if your little one wants all at once? That’s another problem. 
Well, some parents tend to tick off the whole list. Yet, it happens that kids get used to mountains of presents and don’t appreciate a single thing.  For that matter, a nice solution is to stick to 5 gift rule Christmas. In such a way, your kids would be able to:

  • be grateful for the presents they receive;
  • spend more time playing with new stuff;
  • obtain more positive emotions;
  • learn to appreciate small things.

So, how does it work? It’s very simple, you put from 1 to 5 gifts under a Christmas tree. Each one stands for one of the five rules we’ll discuss right now. The quantity of gifts for large families depends on your financial possibilities, personal desires, etc.  
Want to help your child make a decision – here are some tips.

Here are 5 Christmas themed gifts ideas. 

Something They Want

All kids definitely have the very toy they’ve caught sight of in a toy shop. And that thing can bring them a lot of joy. Positive emotions are always beneficial, so why not make kids happier? Yet, children may want something more adultish such as a tablet. In such a way, consider the pros and cons to avoid possible cell phone and internet addiction
See, you ought to choose a present based on their genuine desires. Buy something they dream about. The key point is that it’s better to stop on one beloved thing rather than buy several ordinary toys. Use a Christmas gift questionnaire to get to know your kid`s true desires. 
Also, remember that you should buy something what your kids want, not you. If you used to dream about a toy railway, there’s a small chance your son has inherited the love for it as well. 

Something They Need

This point is easier to guess. You, as a parent, know better what your child needs. It could be everything from clothes and to educational aid. But the item should be personalized. If your kid needs a printer, but the whole family ends up using it, the printer isn’t a good idea for a present. 
There are some ideas:

  • Clothing items;
  • Sports equipment;
  • Toy vehicles;
  • Gadgets for kids;
  • Stationery, etc.

Something they want and something they need are the two most important categories. Still, there are three more ones to think about.

Something to Expand Their Horizons

Let’s say right away, you may not hit the nail on the head but the attempt is worth it. The matter is that you may not even guess what can grab your little one’s attention. Items to put on your Christmas list can be different from those you used to see on it. 
You may significantly expand your kid`s horizons by offering them different stuff to play and work with. Choose new items for your kid. It can be something absolutely unknown to him. Maybe a guitar for a boy crazy about martial arts?
As an option, you can slightly differentiate a child’s scope of interests. If your kid is keen on painting with acrylics, put a watercolor painting kit under the tree. 
But, never buy your little one something they hate. Don’t insist on a barbie doll if your daughter has always been expressing her dissatisfaction with it.
One more piece of advice – be ready that your kid may reject your present. That’s OK because it doesn’t belong to the first, beloved category of presents. Still, kids may show their interest later.

Something to Read

If you’re a parent of a bookworm, this category can be considered as a “something they want” one. If not, still buy a book. It can be a random choice, or you may already know your kids` preferences. There are options for all age groups, including the smallest. Take, for example, a series of books about superpowers that teach children such virtues as honesty or gratitude. 
Just in case you care for Christmas themed gifts, look through selections of themed-oriented literature. Books about happiness are a nice choice. By the way, if your kid shows no sight of interest in books, buy them anyway. He may change his mind or you can choose the very book that will unleash his love for literature.  
By the way, if your kid isn’t a bookworm yet, choose a book about their hobby. For a keen football player buy a book about famous sportsmen, and so on. 

Something to Remember

There’s a brilliant proverb – collect moments, not things. Let it be your family Christmas tradition to present kids with events:

  • Buy a ticket to Disneyland;
  • Go skiing;
  • Ride a horse;
  • Fly a plane for the first time;
  • Do a good deed together;
  • Throw a party for your kid`s friends, etc. 

There are three rules, though. It should be:

  • a family activity;
  • the one your kid would certainly like;
  • possible to fulfill during Christmas time. 

One Last Thing

It doesn’t matter what gift exchange ideas for families are your favorite ones. It should only be done with love and with the thoughts of your kids.  I’m sure these 5 gift rules for Christmas can create unforgettable experiences. Try them out this year. 

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