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What is My Superpower Book?

Do you want to read a fascinating new book? Do you want to find a book character that could become your friend? Take the quiz and find out what’s your superpower and what’s our next Superpower book! 

2 thoughts on “What is My Superpower Book?”

  1. My First Grade Class just finished reading your series all about our super powers. We absolutely loved them and wanted to express to you our sincere gratitude and appreciation for writing these books and sharing specific strategies of how we can be our personal best. Our favorite technique our class uses frequently is the breathing strategy, where our finger acts like a car driving up and down hills to assist us in regulating our breathing so we can gain control over our emotions.
    If there is anyway you could write back to us, we would greatly appreciate it.
    It would be such a genuine and authentic way for my students to truly see how reading and writing connect and inspire them to read and write more so they can leave a lasting impact on their readers too.
    Thanks again for being such an inspiration to all your readers…both young and old!
    Lisa Davis
    1st Grade Teacher, at Northwood Elementary,
    433 N.Greece Rd
    Hilton, NY 14468

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