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Positive Body Image for Kids

Moms and dads are being watched closely by their children. If you look at yourself in the mirror with ill-concealed disgust, kids will notice it. But worst of all is that they believe you.

Let me explain. Every time you criticize your body or appearance, children check whether they have the same flaws. Yet, no one wants their sons and daughters to be too concerned about their appearance. Thus, stop criticizing yourself at first. Your kids have a higher chance of building body confidence if you are happy with your own one. And being confident is like having a superpower in the modern world. It’s important to speak about body image issues even if your child doesn’t care about it now. And it would be great to increase body awareness in children by playing special games.

“One`s Body Is a Temple, but Only if One Treats It as a Temple”

It’s difficult to disagree with the quote. The younger the children are, the easier it`s for them to deal with body insecurity. Let’s look at how to teach kids self-acceptance. It involves the development of positive body affirmations issues. To know how to introduce this topic to their kid, a parent should have a notion about child body image and to research a question of what is body positive/negative image. It is also essential to learn about body image activities for youth and how to implement them. 

What is Body Image and What Does it Mean for Kids? 

Body image is how people perceive their bodies. That’s an absolutely personal issue. Yet, if we perceive other people as beautiful, we can’t always form the same positive body affirmation about ourselves. The task of overcoming imposed beauty standards can become quite the challenge. Unfortunately, there’s no defying-negative thoughts medicine. But kids can do well without it. Try self-esteem worksheets. They are inspirational and fun! And introducing today’s worksheets on body positivity for kids! 

Sometimes our young ones can give their parents a new perspective on a positive body image. The way babies and toddlers treat themselves represents a healthy body image. Though they have no idea what body image is, the way they perceive their figures is perfect. Toddlers are prejudice-free. Sadly, teens are way more self-conscious. They constantly suffer from low body confidence. That affects their mental health and social connections. Moreover, it reduces self-esteem and even leads to eating disorders or emotional distress

When your child reaches the puberty stage, it’s a little bit late to tell them something like: your body is beautiful. Their viewpoint on this issue is already formed. It turns out that you should develop body positivity in kids when they are much younger. 

positive body image for kids

Positive vs. Negative Body Image

Everything is clear here. One has a positive body image when one likes one’s own figure and vice versa. The factors which influence this perception are:

  • One’s understanding of their own body possibilities;
  • Perception of individual body parts;
  • Contemplations on body size;
  • Beliefs about body standards;
  • Perception of how the body looks to other people, etc.

Kids often focus on trends set by the media, and a body image is a common object of such standardization. Children begin to believe that certain standards of beauty are irrefutable. Besides, they compare themselves to these standards. Parents are the ones who should help their kids get rid of the negative body image issues. 

How Kids Can Become Confident in Their Bodies Using Simple Activities

Take care of children’s wellbeing by practicing positive body affirmations activities. Just find a moment in this kids` routine chart. Don’t neglect following rules and activities. 

No Calories and Measures

Sometimes parents are too concentrated on counting calories and losing weight. Don’t involve children in such processes. If there`re no medical reasons, kids don’t have to be on a diet or be stuck in a gym. It’s only enough for them to play regularly and live an active life. Encourage healthy eating and spending time outdoors, but with reasonable limits. Let it be your family lifestyle. It will work if children enjoy such rules. There’s plenty of time in summer, do thid can become  healthy summer hobby

I Take Care of My Body (Downloadable Affirmation PDF)

I take care of my body

Body Is an Instrument for Joy

It’s up to everyone to decide from what side to see their own body. Our body brings us joy when we, so to say, use it to some extent: swim, run, jump, do somersaults, or dance. We perceive our body as an accessory, in turn, when we feel that it characterizes us as a person. That’s a huge mistake. Emphasize that the body is a tool for a healthy life, not a fashion item.

I Am Perfect (Downloadable Affirmation PDF)

I am perfect

Become Media Expert

Media is a stereotype factory. One listens to gigabytes of deceptive information from TV every day. Even if no one speaks it openly on TV, a beautiful figure is supposed to be a key to success. Alas, such messages are in almost all TV programs and films. Explain to your child that TV or the Internet just follows marketing aims. TV stars` images are the results of make-up artists’ and fashion designers’ work. In real life, they look like ordinary people. Develop critical thinking in your children. To do so, ask them to explain why a certain famous person isn’t an example to follow. Also, ask them to provide reasons for their own exceptionality. 

Love your body

If you feel uncomfortable about your body, your children do so too. Children acquire habits from their parents. There’s no way out. It’s time to fall in love with your body image. Say something like “I like my thick legs because they are strong enough to travel long distances”. Children must know that you approve of your body no matter how it looks. Ask them from time to time to chew on why they love their body and what parts exactly. Such activity may seem a little bit crazy. Yet crooked teeth, obesity, or glasses are not the reason to deny the sweets of life.

I Love My Body (Downloadable PDF)

I love my body

Positive Body Affirmations for Kids 

Boost your kids` by giving them body image worksheets pdf. It’s a chance to raise their awareness of what is a body-positive image. Encourage your kids to ask questions no matter how tricky or awkward they are.

When working with the worksheet, kids speak through their thoughts. It’s a great win since being honest with oneself isn’t easy. The more children work with body image worksheets, the faster they accept flaws. Those kids who have no body image issues may also take part in this activity. For that matter, body insecurity prevention is always reasonable. In general, body image worksheets can help to:

  • Stop denying their own attractiveness;
  • Find the body traits one likes for real;
  • Give up noticing flaws, etc.

Body Image Worksheets PDF

What do you love about yourself


Nowadays, there is a lot of bullying on body image, so it’s impossible to protect children from it. But, you can prepare them to face bullying. Parents are also responsible for teaching kids to be grateful for their merits. Use my advice from this article and read more about the sense of gratitude. Good luck! 

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