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21 Benefits of Yoga for Kids (+ Bonus Resources)

yoga for kids
Yoga practices are gaining popularity nowadays. More and more people around the globe do it to reduce stress and boost mental well-being. Millions of yoga studios open their doors to visitors every day. It’s no wonder, there’s a discussion about whether yoga activities for kids are acceptable at schools and kindergartens. Plus the issue whether yoga has a positive impact on kids’ overall health also intrigues parents.

Yoga Activities for Kids: Good or Bad?

The common wisdom says that yoga is a part of Hinduism and it disseminates religious principles. What is more, those are the most common arguments against yoga in terms of offering it to toddlers and preschoolers. Also, yoga requires mindfulness to simply understand what`s it for.
Yoga moves for kids are easy enough to fulfill. Kids learn about yoga as a type of physical exercise to calm down and relax. Teachers rename most poses to give them more general meaning and take away any hints at Sanskrit names.
Children can practice calm down yoga as soon as they can do any other sport. They can start performing poses right at kindergarten as a fun way to learn patience. For that matter, there are a lot of benefits of yoga for kids proven by numerous research. That’s what I want to introduce to you today.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Kindergartners and Preschoolers?

1. Improved Attention Skills

Yoga makes kids concentrate and not get disrupted. So many children have attention issues even if not diagnosed with disorders. Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers is a good chance to teach kids how to remain concentrated from the very beginning.

2. It Builds Flexibility and Resilience

When we`re mentally calm, we can make more considerate decisions and, take our emotions under control. A kid who does yoga is calmer than his peers. He has more inner power to be flexible and think objectively. A study from the Explore journal proves it. For example, kids report being more restrained after yoga practices when arguing with peers or parents.

3. Yoga Builds Confidence

Kids who do yoga are more mindful and care for life issues. That makes them stronger and more self-confident compared to other students. It, in turn, deprives them of some problems in the future, such as negative body image or underestimation of oneself.

4. Improved Mental Wellbeing

Calm down yoga for kids has such a powerful effect that can reduce stress, create mental wellness and simply lift the mood. A group of scientists from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine revealed in their study that that yoga-based exercises applied in the educational setting can deal with anxiety and boost happiness.

5. Yoga Promotes Healthy Eating

Surprisingly, kids who do yoga are more willing to consume healthy products rather than junk food. Since physical activities are considered to be a part of a healthy lifestyle, it motivates even young kids to be aware of the food they eat.

6. Yoga Makes Us Relax

Yoga teaches us to control our body and relax every single muscle. In such a way, one calms down the whole body and learns how to breathe properly. That, in turn, helps us feel the ease of movements and prevents muscle tension.

7. It Teaches Empathy

Teachers who were engaged in yoga sessions with kids reported positive changes in their students’ behavior. They claimed boys and girls were more emphatic and kind after yoga classes.

8. Yoga Makes Kids Stronger

Regular yoga moves for kids build physical strength, boost the immune system and improve health on the whole.  Still, it works only when exercising regularly.
Yoga is one of the activities that parents could include in a self-care routine for kids. Find out more in my post on self-care ideas for kids.

9. Connection Between Body and Mind

Through yoga, kids learn how to control their bodies using the power of the mind. As is known, we can trigger specific body responses (negative as a rule) by just thinking negatively. It’s similar to the nocebo effect. Take a situation when a kid has fallen from a bike, and now he’s afraid of just sitting on it. In fact, there`s nothing dangerous in it. But the kid triggers in his head the negative experience and creates fear. Yoga teaches how to get rid of negative thoughts and relieve body tension.
yoga for kids

10. Yoga Charges Children with Energy

Like after a good vacation, yoga moves for kids give them an additional boost of positive emotions. That makes them more energetic. Plus, yoga increases stamina, making boys and girls more prepared for long trips or other activities where they need to be physically and mentally strong.

11. It Improves Sleep Quality

Children actively engaged in yoga classes report better-sleeping quality.

12. Yoga Resolves Self-Control Issues

Since children have to stay still for quite a long time when performing poses, yoga classes may seem challenging. Yet, if they learn how to take personal desires under control, they obtain a priceless skill. One of the ways to achieve such a state of calmness is to know how to breathe properly. Yoga teachers tell students everything about it.

13. Obedience

Kids who like yoga classes turn out to have fewer behavioral problems. And it’s true even for the most restless kids who became more humble having attended yoga courses. By the way, practicing yoga may be one of the options to recover a kid`s temper instead of resorting to a calm-down kit.

14. Yoga Helps Kids with ADHD

According to Harvard medical school, yoga can deal with the main ADHD symptoms:

  • Increased emotional sensitivity,
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Attention issues.

Yoga practices may boost school performance in kids with such a disorder.

15. Enhanced Memory

Yoga doesn’t impact the part of the brain responsible for memorizing things. It reduces anxiety, making it easier for our brain to function properly. In such a way, a kid uses more possibilities of our powerful mind.

16. Yoga Is a Way to Bond with Other People

Whether it`s peers, classmates, or parents, yoga is a nice way to spend time together. By the way, you may do it at home with the whole family. Actually, it’s one of your chances to bond with a kid and benefit from it.

17. Yoga Helps Asthmatics

Children with such health problems learn how to breathe properly and know how to manage their breathing problems better. Asthma symptoms may reduce as well.

18. It Makes Children Think

Yoga is an intellectual activity. Have you ever seen a poorly educated person engaged in yoga classes? I haven`t. While doing exercises, kids have time to think about spiritual things.
Yoga lovers tend to be deep people who care more about virtues and life than material things. Besides, they learn more about the human body, nature, and psychology, increasing their intellectual level.

19. No Special Equipment Required

In the modern world, where online learning is widespread, kids can continue yoga classes at home and even do it alone. It makes yoga accessible and affordable for every family’s budget.

20. Yoga Promotes Friendship

In the yoga classes, one doesn’t need to compete with other children, which promotes warm relationships among kids. Plus, they feel like a close-knit team, and finding common ground with peers becomes easier.

21. Yoga Improves Discipline in the Class

Children can express themselves and, subsequently, reduce challenging behavior. Moreover, to perfect their poses they need to keep discipline and control their emotions.


Yoga activities for kids are very useful for health and the body. You can start it as soon as your child is ready. Even toddlers can practice asanas. But it should be age appropriate and bring pleasure. Only then a kid will like it.
Finally, yoga may become kids’ hobby in the future. It can make their life happier and more meaningful. But now, focus more on yoga as a fun activity to relax and calm down. Just try doing it for a month and ask yourself whether there are positive changes in your little one. I`m sure there`ll be a lot of them.

Bonus: Kids Yoga Resources

1. A neat yoga video featuring Alissa Kepas that will make it fun to do yoga with your kids.

Check out Alo Yoga website for a full spectrum of yoga classes and subscribe to their Instagram.

2. Smile and Learn blog has a lot to offer, including this fun yoga class tutorial which will definitely motivate your kids.

3. My Yoga Pal helps you connect with yourself and practise yoga as a part of community. They have also made yoga videos for kids helping them engage in this fun activity. You can check out more activities for kids in their Instagram.

4. Cosmic Kids have created a whole kids yoga training program! The video below features one of kids’ most beloved characters which makes yoga superfun! Check out their Instagram as well.

5. Apart from a huge collection of children’s rhymes, AppuSeries here provides parents with a fun yoga video which is easy to follow as all the postures are standing ones and can easily be done by beginners. They have an amazing Pinterest board as well. Go check it out.

6. KidsYogaStories provides a full list of benefits that kids yoga brings. You’ll find out how to improve your kids’ motor skills and self-expression. This website has plenty of fun yoga classes from seasonal to holiday yoga for kids. For more activities visit their Instagram.

7. YogaKids learning source can make ordinary parents yoga teachers. Here you can find out how empowering yoga can be for kids while teaching them mindfulness through simple moves. Their Instagram has lots of exciting posts as well.

8. An article from eMediHealth features 10 top yoga positions for kids and teaches parents about their health benefits. Check out their Instagram account for more information on kids’ health.

9. An amazing article from Action for Healthy Kids demonstrates best positions for kids yoga while giving tips on how to do them right to get the most benefits for kids’ bodies. See each position graphically on their Instagram account.

10. NamasteKid has equipped their users with nearly 100 yoga positions for kids. Your kids are bound to have plenty of fun while doing yoga with this resource. They have even more activities on Instagram.

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