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Heavens Look Down on Us

in a memory of all children

in memory of all children who passed away

In our Universe, there are two different worlds: visible and invisible. When peering in one of them, we`ll see kids cheerfully playing at a playground. The sun is shining brightly there, and the grass is green. 
Two moms are sitting by the playground, both thinking about their children. At the moment, a boy runs up to one of the women and together they go for a walk in the park. Another mom writes a letter to her son because he’s far away. The boy is very young and can`t read. That’s why his mom is drawing a picture instead of using the letters. Nevertheless, there’s a whole story in it. If one  takes a  closer look, he can transfer the picture into words:
My dear Bowen,
You know, I`m fine. It’s Sunday today, and I`ve decided to go for a walk in the park just like we used to when you were still with us, remember? But you must have forgotten everything because it was so long ago…
I’ve planted a new flower bed in our backyard. You’d have undoubtedly liked the flowers because they smell so good. Now our yard is soaked in the scents of roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas. They are so sweet like … you. 
And I’ve recently looked through your favorite children’s books. They`re still on the shelf. I always wipe the dust on it and cannot but notice the picture of you in a frame leaning against the wall. My darling boy, I miss you so much… But I have so much kindness in my heart. You taught me to be kind and patient.
I always think of you with love. And you`re in my heart forever!
Your mom.
The woman holds a letter in her hands, approaching a pond in the park. She makes a paper boat out of it, her eyes are full of tears. Then she puts the boat in the water to see the wind picking it up and blowing it away. 
Meanwhile, in another invisible but no less beautiful world, kids are also playing at a playground. Everything is the same there except for the fact they cannot hug their parents. But they can always look down on them from the fluffy clouds. 
Bowen is called by another boy, “You got a letter.” He peeks through the cloud and spots a boat floating on the water. Bowen looks at it and then squints. But he fails to see what’s on the boat. Finally, the boy asks the Sun to light it up. 
His mom sees the sunshine and realizes that her son has noticed the letter. She looks up and smiles because she knows that Bowen can definitely see her. The boy smiles back. 
There are a lot of kids up there who didn’t have enough time to know earthly life better. Everyone had their own reason for it. But what hurts the most is that we, the people of Earth, make kids leave their parents so fast.  
It was David, who told Bowen about the letter. He used to be too kind to understand why people were so angry. He couldn’t bear it anymore, and one day he left the Earth for another world, where there was no room for evil. His mom also misses him. She even set up an anti-bullying foundation named after her son to commemorate him and support other kids and teens who deal with life’s difficulties. Thus, David`s Legacy Foundation aims to eliminate cyber and another bullying by educating people and facilitating legal assistance. Follow the link if you want to help them prevent injustice. This would also be a perfect opportunity to teach kids about the importance of helping others
Children are said to be a blessing. Sometimes they grow up so fast that we`re sorry about too little time spent with them when holding their small hand and going for ice cream. And sometimes we`re sorry about having no opportunity to see them as adults. No matter how it was, always express your love to your little ones. And if they cannot hear you, just look at the sky and smile, and rest assured that your kid is smiling back at you. 


My next book is a tribute to a little boy Bowen who was full of love and joy. He will forever live and shine on the pages of my next book.
Love heals,
Alicia Ortego

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