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Books have a positive impact on child development. No argument there. These books boost imagination. Plus, funny stories don’t just entertain kids but make them chew on important issues. However, most children avoid reading. But this ain’t a reason to worry! You may introduce read-aloud books to them. Maybe they will take a shine to e-books or paper ones later. By the way, you can offer children my books. Check them out online.

Read-aloud Books for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s look at how stories read aloud benefit your children’s well-being. I will also share my selection of YouTube channels with you. One will find a lot of read-aloud books for kids there. Speaking of which, here is my own YouTube channel. Subscribe. It’s worth it.

A Few Words About Read Aloud for Kids

I’m sure you have listened to at least one audiobook. Kids` read-alouds work the same way but slightly differently. One can find the read-alouds online. But it’s better to look for them on YouTube.

A typical video begins with a greeting. The narrator has a soft, pleasant voice. Most often, authors create the visualization of children’s books read aloud. Kids need illustrations to turn into something, don’t they? That’s the reason bloggers do their best to create engaging animation. They also show colorful pages of a book as an option. The narrator may point at some pictures on them to explain the stuff he reads.

I strongly recommend choosing edifying books rather than simply entertaining. They play an important role in teaching virtue. Check my website to read some more advice for upbringing.

What Are the Benefits of Books Read Aloud?

  • It’s the path of least resistance to introducing literature to a kid;
  • Listening is easier than reading. Let it be the first step to the world of literature;
  • It would be better if children search for books on YouTube to read aloud instead of watching Tik Tok;
  • There`re only worthy books on the channels from my list. No negative, violence, or rudeness. Only the stories that teach kindness, friendship, gratitude, acceptance, and confidence. “Kindness is My Superpower” read-aloud is extremely popular on YouTube, by the way.
  • Take the number of channels, and you will understand that the choice of books and their styles are wide.
  • Reading aloud can be a type of activity. Incidentally, look through my ideas for spending some quality time with kids.

When to Start with Read Aloud Books?

There’s no exact age. Begin when your kid understands at least 40% of the gist. Some read-alouds focus on science. That’s why it could be too difficult for a toddler to catch up. Still, it works well with preschoolers and schoolchildren. By the way, researchers claim that read-aloud books for kids develop their vocabulary. Take, for example, preschoolers. They get familiar with the glossary of older children when listening to books.

What Channels to Watch?

Finally, I share my selection of YouTube read-aloud book channels. Go on it!

1.  The Children’s Storytime Bookshelf by Beth

Adventure, classic children’s books, and character-building stories read aloud for storytime, bedtime stories, or anytime to help kids grow and to foster imaginations.

2. StoryTime at Awnie’s House by Awnie

Making stories come alive for your young ones.

3. KidTimeStoryTime

Bringing stories to life with puppets, humor & vivid storytelling from the biggest library of children’s books.

4. Alos Storytime

A place where imaginations rule and learning grows

“Books read aloud are wonderful for children. This is a great way to not only educate but also entertain and reinforce Reading strategies and concepts such as Print Awareness, Decoding, Word Recognition and Comprehension.”

5. Let’s Read Stories

Bedtime stories and fairytales for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, at home, or in the classroom.

6. Annie’s Workshop

Motivating children to read books and giving them the tools to start developing their literary analysis skills:

Read-alouds are like bedtime stories that can be listened to any time of the day and are the best way to nurture children’s interest and passion for books. And hopefully to make them want to read aloud in turn.

7. Samantha Reads Stories by Samantha

Favorite children’s books are being read by a preschool teacher, the ones that kids want to hear repeatedly!

8. StorytimeMag

Storytime brings you the best bedtime stories for kids every month.

We created Storytime to give children brilliant stories in an easily accessible format, and works well for both reluctant and enthusiastic readers! Each edition of Storytime is packed with fairy tales, modern stories, myths and legends, plus stories from a variety of cultures – and we also offer unlimited content in our site“.

9. The Reading Unicorn

Reading books starring some of the children’s favorite characters.

“Reading and learning to read is so important at any age. It’s a part of everyday life. Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.”

10. MsBeckyAndBear’sStoryTime by Ms. Becky

Encouraging children to think one book and one question at a time!

11. Miss Sofie’s Story Time by Miss Sofie

Great stories for kids.

12. Lewis Kirk’s read-aloud channel

The love of reading and the love of books.

“Books have been such an important and transformative part of my life. Reading books can give so much. This is why I started my channel, in order to help people establish a relationship with books by removing the friction that some can feel towards reading. To impact just one person on their reading journey through my channel is an amazing gift.” 

13. Anna DiGilio’s channel

Guided reading videos, guided math videos, and other types of video content.

14. Books Alive!

Popular children’s stories are brought to life with color and imagination.

15. ELF Kids Videos

A fun mix of animated songs, vocabulary videos for EFL/ESL children, and a lot of alphabet, phonics, and reading videos for young learners to enjoy.

16. Story Time Read Aloud With Funny Twins Plus One

A traditional read-aloud short bedtime story for toddlers and children.

“We started ‘Story Time With Funny Twins Plus One’ because we wanted to share the magic of read-aloud children’s books and bedtime stories. Sadly, for all manner of reasons, not all children can have many story books at home, so our hope was that our channel could bring a traditional style of children’s book reading, into homes which may not be blessed with much in the way of kids’ literature.  And books are so important!  Helping to learn English, providing entertainment and firing up a child’s imagination!  How nice to go off to sleep of an evening, with a lovely, fun tale lingering in a child’s mind – and there are many to browse within our YouTube channel.”

17. Storytime Anytime

This channel is for parents and teachers alike and a great resource of children’s literature.

18. MissEmsBookworm Read Aloud

This channel will provide you with a variety of educational read-aloud stories both popular and classics for your students/children and all to enjoy:

Ask me to read. I lose myself within my imagination. I become the child that lives within the book. Reading and listening are two that go hand in hand. 

It opens up a whole world with thousands & thousands of words for your child to get lost in their imagination“.

19. Just One More Story

This channel is family-friendly and dedicated to all you little bookworms out there.

Just One More Story ” is a channel dedicated to all the kids out there who don’t have somebody to read to them or are missing a parent or their parents are incarcerated or away. Kids need that familiar voice—and I hope to provide mine on a channel for them to go to for stories at bedtime.

20. The Moomi Family

They love to study and learn something new, read, create and so much more.

Our family enjoys reading all types of books. We especially love books that encourage social emotional learning“.

21. The StoryTime Family

Sharing favorite stories that are meaningful, moving, fun, and reflect the values to hold close.

22. Read Aloud – One Book A Day

Inspiring young readers to develop reading habits and to make this as much fun and enjoyable as possible.

23. Fun Stories And Play

Reading books aloud to builds vocabulary skills increases attention span, and so much more:

Reading aloud to children can help make a deeper connection to the story with examples of fluency and written word that are combined with colorful illustration. It engages them and increases their attention span that allows them to associate reading with fun“.

24. Jana’s Bananas Storytime

Growing the love of reading at every age.

25. Reading Pioneers Academy

Making the preparation and journey with children easier by providing additional resources to print for almost every book.

“I created Reading Pioneers as an educational channel to help students with their reading assignments while on the go. My focus was on having the text available to read while the student listened to the reading. I’ve loved story-telling and I think the value of enjoying reading at a young age is insurmountable. So I created this channel to help other teachers, children, and parents with resources to assist with reading and teaching.”

26. StoryTime with Fallon

“Fun and engaging stories for every reader! A great resource for teachers, parents, and anyone who is learning English! Come read with me!”

27. Storytime with Ryan & Craig by Ryan & Craig

Family-friendly comedians that read children’s books aloud with silly voices, big emotions, and sometimes improvised songs!

28. Nosy Crow

Engageable stories for kids.

29. MrsHillpartyof6

Read-aloud books, lifehacks, and recipes:

To me, read alouds are a great way to introduce literature to kids! It makes reading fun and exciting! My hope is that kids will want to go and pick up a book after listening to my Read alouds, maybe try different voices and let their imagination soar!”

30. ReadaRoo Kids

Easy, Fun, and Engaging Learning Activities for Every Little Reader!

“I created ReadaRoo Kids because I wanted a way for children to connect with their reading beyond just reading books physically but through activities that reinforced what we are reading. We focus on the whole child from literacy and imagination with our read alouds to school skills with our activities that go along with our books. It’s always our goal to encourage imaginations to soar,  support early literacy and education skills, and build strong, emotionally prepared little learners. We strongly believe that a love of learning starts early and we are so happy to be able to bring our resources to families all over the world through our channel and our membership.”

31. Kids StoryTime with Tara Moayedi

“The best way to motivate and help kids reading more books is seeing another kid doing the same”.

“Tara Moayedi’s here, I am an actress, model and entrepreneur and will teach kids tips and tricks for life and get them motivated, entertained by reading the books to them. The only storytime read aloud channel in youtube created, run and managed by a kid. I don’t just entertain kids, but explain the lesson and moral of the stories to kids, to help them use it in their life.”

Enjoy a storytime with your kids!

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