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Friendship Bonding Activities: Games, Crafts, and More

Bonding with friends is not that easy. The older the person is, the more difficult it’s to get along with someone. Growing older people stop trusting each other and are afraid of revealing their inner selves. Strong friendships form in childhood. But one needs to cherish it through life to make it last. 

What is Bonding in Friendship? 

Real friendship has no room for vested interests. It doesn’t matter how strong your bond with a classmate is now. If you stop hanging out with him after graduation, your buddy will forget about you in a little while. If you teach children what makes a good friend, the situation will be different. A favorable environment increases the chances of making friends. And that’s a topic I want to speak about today. 

Why Friendship Matters?

Human beings are social-oriented. We need communication to meet basic emotional needs. Friendship is a little bit different from kinship. Taking freedom as a starting point, people are more relaxed with friends. It’s because we haven’t experienced either grievances or misunderstandings with them in childhood. We do not feel responsible for friends, and that lets us be more sincere. Nothing on Earth would make you happier than being yourself. We let buddies in on our secrets. Sometimes friends mean everything to us. 

How Do You Strengthen a Friendship Bond?

One doesn`t have to build a friendship bond based on material stuff. It forms as a result of shared interests and mutual respect. Friends bonding over common goals become close much faster. It is easier to make friends than sustain relationships. 

Experience is the basis for lasting friendship. The sharing of each other’s memories brings people close together. That’s something they have in common. Friends have inside jokes. Buddies know all your oddities and take them in good humor. It turns out that such trifles enhance bonding with friends. 

WConcerning kids, the best way to get along with someone is to do friendship bonding activities. By the way, you will meet the emotional needs of your kids at the same time. The ideas list includes:

  • Cinema outing;
  • Trip to the countryside;
  • Friendship Games;
  • Visiting amusement park;
  • Escape room;
  • Campout;
  • Mutual hobby, etc.

Hanging out is just enough to bond with a classmate. But small children need less experience. So friendship crafts or games would be enough. 

Fun Activities to Do with Friends

Parents play an important role in fostering good relationships with others. Pay due attention to this issue. Children like games. Use it to bring them close together when they meet for the first time. Also, get kids involved in friendship games to promote relationships.

Find Me

Give each child a marble. Their task is to find another kid with marble of the same color. When done, children link arms and wait for the others to complete the task. The game aims to show that different people can share interests and have something in common. Plus, preschoolers learn colors. 

Me too

This activity is one of the most effective bonding games for friends. Children take turns and stand in front of others, revealing facts about themselves. 

  • Has or doesn’t have siblings;
  • Likes/ doesn’t like sunny weather;
  • Favorite animal, book, cartoon, etc.

Every child that shares such interests stands up and yells Me too. It’s a win-win because all kids discover new things about their group mates. They also see that like-minded people surround them. 

Pay a Compliment

Ask kids to sit in a circle and toss a ball to each other. As a child throws it, he or she should compliment the receiver on something. That`s a brilliant chance to show how compliments make people happier. Besides, such friendship games develop a sense of appreciation for other people. They become more aware of fellow humans and learn compassion and empathy

Common Things

Mix children of different ages and unlike interest groups. Form several teams of 4-5 people. The task of each team is to find 8 things they have in common. The activity proves that children of various age groups may be roughly on the same page. 

Take On New Experience 

Invite your child’s friend to spend the night at your house. Buy them something yummy and propose to watch a favorite cartoon. As an option, take them to the zoo or someplace else. That will be the day they will remember for a long time. 


Parents can present two great gifts to their children. First, give birth to siblings. Second, teach them to make friends. And it doesn’t matter if the first condition is true. Friends are an integral part of life. Increase their chances of getting along with all sorts of people. These activities are both exciting and useful. Why not start today? 

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