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Top 10 Kindness Activities and Crafts Ideas for Preschoolers

kindness activities

Preschool age is a great time for beginning the learning process. Children are very curious about new things. But, one must know how to convey information to preserve the desire to explore the world. What are the methods? Lectures are for students, while illustrated encyclopedias are for schoolchildren. Preschoolers need more fascinating activities. 

Preschool Kindness Activities for Daily Life

We learn from our experience. The best way to remember something is to act on it. That’s why instead of telling about something in theory one should practice it. Today I`m going to show you 10 kindness activities for preschoolers. By the way, games are a great tool for learning. Look at  the full list of activities for kids

Is There a Necessity in Teaching Kindness?

Our world has become really cruel. Someone may say that it`d be better to teach children how to stand up for themselves. That’s an important issue too. But what about the cruelty? As far as I’m concerned, kindness is the best weapon. The more we do some good, the easier it is to live on Earth. I strongly encourage you to organize kindness art activities for your kids. 

Being warm-hearted has many benefits:

  • There’s no room for irritation or malice in one’s heart;
  • Positive oriented attitude towards life;
  • Helping people means more frequent social interaction;
  • One makes friends more easily;
  • Act of kindness brings satisfaction;
  • Happy people have more happy memories in daily life.
  • There`d be more people willing to help their helper;
  • Kind people can inspire others to do good deeds, etc.


How to Take an Advantage of Kindness Crafts Projects?

Preschoolers want to get busy only with the things they love. This is how they meet their emotional needs

Come up with an engaging activity to keep the kid`s interest. The results are worth it.  As long as your child sees kindness as an interesting issue, you will succeed in teaching him. 

Define what kindness is. Introduce the topic to kids to create a basic understanding. Then continue with kindness arts and crafts. It works miracles when teaching because:

  • Children increase the awareness of the topic when involved;
  • Some kindness craft ideas provide an opportunity to record success;
  • One may invite friends to take part in games;
  • Kindness crafts for preschoolers strengthen friendships;
  • Parents can improve relationships with their children as well.

Kindness Activities for Preschoolers

There are various ways of learning kindness. One of them is to do random acts of kindness.  

Let’s get to the practical tools to teach kids kindness? Here’s my personal top 10 list. 

1. Kindness Flower Craft

Cut 7 circles of bigger size and at least 20 smaller ones. Take a map paper. Glue the circles so that you get a floral disc surrounded with petals. You should have 7 flowers. Cut the stem and leaves if you want. Each flower stands for the day of the week. Write their names at the centers. Then your task is to write down on the petals the good things a kid did on that certain day. Kindness flower craft brings even more results if you compete with your kid. Give him a chance to win, though. Make your own flowers and set an example. As an option, do a good deed together. Then both of you should write it down on a petal.

2. Kindness Quilt Activity

You need scissors for such kind of kindness crafts games. Cut squares of the same size. How many? It depends on the quantity of the kindness acts you want to perform. To my mind, you need at least 20. There should be enough space on them to make notes and to draw. Hang the squares on the wall. Ask your kid to write down the act of kindness he did and draw it. The wall will become more and more colorful with time.

3. Rainbow of Kindness

Cut out of paper the half-arcs of the rainbow colors. Glue them to the cardboard. Its color is up to you. Make sure, though, the colors don’t merge. The next task is to cut 2 clouds of the same sizes. Attach them to the so-called ends of the rainbow. Then cut strips of different colors and small droplets. Glue strips to the clouds; place the droplets on the loose ends. A child needs to write down on them the act of kindness he does. 

4. Coloring Kindness Crafts for Preschoolers

Colored pencils or markers are everything you need this time. Start a conversation about kindness. Then suggest that a kid work on thematic coloring pages. Surf the net. It is free to download: or use the one I made below. Stress-relief coloring pages are a big hat today. 

Speaking of coloring pages, I’ve dedicated an article to the effect of those.

Be Kind Coloring Page (Download PDF)

kindness coloring page

5. Baking Kindness Crafts Project

It’s time to have a snack. Find a heart-shaped delicious cookie recipe. Cook together with your kid. When done, present it to the neighbors, relatives, friends, and even passers-by. Tell them that today is a day of the good deed in your family. 

6. Body Affirmation 

It’s a kind of kindness crafts for sustaining friendship. Encourage kids to outline their palms. Each child has to write at least 3 key strengths of his friend on the outline.

7. Tic-Tac-Toe

Make a 3×3 table and fill it with the tasks that deal with the good. Such kind of kindness craft ideas presupposes several participants. The winner is the one who gets 3 in a row. 

8. Daily Acts of Kindness

Prepare a box with cards. There’s a task on each of them a child should cope with. Ask him about his emotions after it. Use our feelings chart

Handing out Valentine’s cards to friends is also a small act of kindness. Read more about Valentine’s Day activities for kids in my recent post. 

9. Back to School

These games are good for groups. Make a list of kindness acts. The task is to cope with them within a certain period.

10. Give out Pencils with Wishes

Buy pencils and attach notes with compliments to them. Ask a child to give them out to friends and classmates. 


I hope you grasp some ideas. Use them to make the lives of your kids happier. Practise simple acts of kindness every day. 

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