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Children’s Books About Respect

Children’s Books About Respect (3)

We cannot imagine our lives without respect. Otherwise, the Earth would become the worst place to live on. But it’s difficult to teach young kids this virtue, at least, because they have to be ready for self-sacrifice.

Addressing Respect in Elementary School Children research claims that respect also requires dignity and understanding. So, it’s a whole complex of traits that build respect.

How to Teach Kids Respect?

You can tell your kids stories about respect. However, they are too small to get educational material as a lection. It would be better to buy them picture books about respect. Here are 10 options for your little one.

Respect – The Best Me That I Can Be by Rose Angebrandt

It’s a nice story that touches upon mistakes, respect, and admitting one’s faults. It reveals to small readers some secrets of people’s inner words and shows them how it can vary depending on the way you treat them.

Even the kindest and warm people can become closed and cold if you treat them without respect. The same happened to a little character. Will he be able to realize his mistakes and fix them?

The book will appeal to kids aged 3-7. Vibrant illustrations pay attention from the first seconds and make the book their favorite one.

A Little Respectful SPOT by Diane Alber

This is one of the funniest stories about respect. A little yellow spot will tell kids when and how to respect:

  • people;
  • places;
  • personal property;
  • personal spaces;
  • yourself.

It contains lots of fabulous illustrations. They depict different life situations and to each of them, the Little Spot has an explanation.

This book is a perfect choice for preschoolers and elementary school children. It also can be used by teachers in their lessons.

Children’s Book About Respect by Abigail Tyler

This is one of the best children’s books about respect. A new masterpiece from a well-known author will immerse kids into the world of kindness. It provides some examples of problems that can be solved with the help of mutual respect. Through the book children will see what it means to be respectful and how they can apply this skill to real-life situations.

The book contains vibrant illustrations that are mostly colored photographs. Thus, it has a brilliant visual effect when reading a book on a PC, tablet device, or Kindle Fire.

The book offers an interesting thinking point to chew on with parents or teachers at school. By the way, it’d be a perfect option as a bonding activity with adults.

The book has an answer to the two most frequent questions:

  • Why should I respect the teacher if I don’t even know him?
  • Why don’t adults respect us? (from the kids` point of view).

Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect by Jayneen Sanders

The book talks about an important topic that is often unfairly omitted – personal boundaries. Unfortunately, many kids don’t know much about the red lines which mustn’t be overstepped.

This story will tell them lots of:

  • physical boundaries and personal space;
  • the extent to which you can approach someone;
  • all the don`ts;
  • how to respect personal space;
  • how to take care of personal space.

The language is so simple that even toddlers have no difficulties with its understanding. Plus, beautiful illustrations don`t leave your child indifferent.

Why Should I? by  Sue Graves

Arin is a young boy who acts rudely. His parents and teachers are concerned about his behavior and constantly tell him to change it. The boy is confused because he doesn’t know how to do everything the opposite way.

His granny explains to him what he’s doing wrong and how to fix it. But the strongest argument she uses is how Arin would have felt if somebody had treated him as carelessly as he did. The boy tries to change his behavior and become more polite.

The book contains vivid illustrations. It will appeal to preschoolers and elementary school children.

Children’s Books About Respect (1)

Teach Your Dragon Respect by Steve Herman

This time children will meet a funny dragon who can be their best friend. He likes playing games and can jump, sit, run, and do many other things. But he has one huge drawback – he’s disrespectful. The dragon is rude to his mom and his teachers. He interrupts people, can speak loudly in the library, and cut in line at the store.

There`s a difficult task – to teach him to respect other people. Together with the characters of the book readers will get to know what is a desired behavior and what actions to avoid not to be disrespectful.

By the way, this book is a part of the My Dragon Book series that teaches kids virtues. So, if your little one will love this story, he can read more about his favorite dragon.

It contains lots of pictures showing respect and is written simply to be relevant for 3-5 year-olds.

I Choose to Be Respectful by Elizabeth Estrada

This book is a sample of social-emotional learning developed by therapists and experienced parents. It teaches kids to recognize their emotions, especially negative ones, and deal with them. And, for sure, it contains pictures showing respect.

Kids have a chance to learn about the most common situations in which they can show their respect towards other people. It can be holding a door for a person behind you or saying thank you to a waitress.

Rhyming verses and eye-catching illustrations make the whole story simple to understand. By the way, it concentrates on showing respect towards different people:

  • parents;
  • relatives;
  • neighbors;
  • strangers;
  • customer service representatives, etc.

Thus, a kid will learn the social skills necessary for a successful life.

Respectful Ninja by Mary Nhin

Together with these funny pint-size characters, your kid will learn how to respect other people. It’s suitable for all ages due to brave ninjas and their entertaining stories. The book contains the minimum amount of text and lots of colorful illustrations. The most important rules and advice are structured and highlighted so that a kid always sees them. As long as they fall in love with the respectful ninja, they`ll copy his behavior and make it their habit to treat other people with respect.

My Respectful Robot by Joey Acker and Melanie Acker

It’s one of the books to teach respect to boys, but girls can be interested in robots as well. The Robot will learn together with children:

The language is easy to read. You can use the book as a read-aloud before going to bed. It also focuses on emotions and the ways of dealing with them.

BIG – A Little Story About Respect And Self-Esteem by Ingo Blum

It`s a perfect example of books about respect for kids. Lee the flea is a circus performer. But he has one problem, he’s so little that no one can see him, but only his sparkling yellow pants. Lee is so upset about it and decides to leave the circus. But could he have imagined that his loss would be so huge? Even the director is on the search.

This is a perfect story for little kids who feel underestimated and left alone. It manifests that no matter how tall or strong you are, you`re always important.


There are dozens of children’s books about respect. Don’t neglect the opportunity to teach your little one more virtue, especially when they can have fun and enjoy it. When you teach kids to be respectful, they start respecting themselves and being generous to themselves, which is s great and vital skill.

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