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25 Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Kids This Year

cool Easter basket ideas

Children like gifts, especially those they expect for a long time. As well as Christmas gifts, kids wait for Easter baskets to find the stuff they want the most. Candies, chocolate, cookies, and other treats have been the top choice for many years. Still, there are many other things to put in. Why not make a surprise for your little one? Here we go!

How to Amuse Your Children at Easter?

With high probability, your kids know what kind of a gift they’ll receive. That’s because you have always presented them with the same type of items, haven’t you? As a rule, these are yummy candies or toys. But the choice is vaster than you tend to think. The list is endless:

  • Fun books;
  • DIY crafts;
  • Stuffed animals;
  • Art kits;
  • Tickets to an amusement park, etc.

Let’s talk now about how to make the Easter basket every child dreams of. By the way, the presentation is also important. Look for Easter basket decorations ideas. It’s also a chance to express your creative side. Kids like vibrant colors and all the stuff that seems cool to them. That’s one more reason to give up the classical approach and fill it up with something less expected. 

What to Put in an Easter Basket for Babies?

Of course, a 6-month-old baby cannot realize the very notion of the holiday as well as the concept of Easter gifts. Yet, it’s not the reason to deprive him or her of it. Kids will have much fun opening an Easter basket and discovering its content. But first, make sure it’s all safe and clean. What can you put in an Easter basket this year? 

  • Rip-resistant book. A nice chance to instill the love of reading in them. Well, perhaps now it’s more about a book as an object to play with. Even so, very soon your little one will be curious about decoding its content. 
  • Baby instruments. There are never too many toys, especially when it comes to babies. What today is their favorite toy may be thrown in a corner tomorrow. That’s why Easter baskets for kids cannot do without baby instruments.
  • Bath toys. Babies like splashing in a bath. With toys, it’s much funnier. Buy them new items. The choice of its forms, designs and functions are impressive. With them, taking a bath would be much funnier.
  • Play gym. It promotes the development of sensory systems as well as motor skills. Plus, it’s a safe place to play. If you give it to kids, they will be happy. 
  • Teething toys. A must-have in every house where there’s a baby. First, most teething toys massage a sore gum and stimulate it. Second, a child has a safe object to pop into his mouth.  
  • Music toys. Kids like not only eye-catching items but also ear-catching ones. Make sure the sounds are soft and pleasant so as not to scare your baby. 

cool Easter Basket ideas

What Things to Put in an Easter Basket for Toddlers?

Now that kids are older, Easter basket ideas for toddlers can be more diverse. You already know their wishes and may base your choice on them. If not, use this list of simple basket ideas. 

  • Lego set. Every child must try it one day. Maybe, it`ll become his passion for the next several years.
  • Kids arts and crafts. It`s a good opportunity to spend time together helping your little one. Thematic art projects can develop such virtues as kindness and sympathy. 
  • Bunny backpack. If you hit the nail on the head and buy the one your kid likes, it`ll be his favorite bag to visit a kindergarten. 
  • Watering can set. Most children enjoy messing around in the garden. Instruments are the very tool they need to grow their own small garden. 
  • Rabbit pajamas. Cozy pajamas aren’t only a reason to go to bed but also a unique piece of clothes. 
  • Calm down kit. It’s a set of favorite toys and books that shift a kid’s attention when in the middle of a tantrum. Of course, you’re not going to present your child with the toys he already has. Instead, make a set of completely new ones. You kids would be thrilled be thrilled.  

Easter Baskets for Kids

Preschoolers and elementary school children already have their own preferences and dislikes. That’s why it’s their parents who must know the best way to surprise their children. Still, I have a list of Easter basket ideas that are certainly out-of-the-box ones. 

  • Bubble lawn mower. A nice toy to play with outdoors.
  • Water shoes. All kids are crazy about running through puddles. Well, it’s not a ticket to Disneyland. But such simple things as going out in the rain become moments of true happiness. Your little one may gather friends and enjoy the first spring rain. Plus, it’s also a kind of friendship bonding activity
  • Musical eggs. The very toy to play with at Easter. 
  • Books about virtues. Easter is a time to reveal one’s goodness. Why not speak about friendship, family, kindness, confidence, or honesty? 
  • Water gun. Unless the weather is cold, one can play with a water gun. It’s both funny and safe. A brilliant occasion to bring family members together in a water battle.  
  • 3D pen set. While common pencils become classics, this one has all chances to win kids` hearts. Now they can create handmade art themselves with such a cool tool. 
  • Personalized Easter eggs. This time your little one will receive not a common egg but an egg with his name on it. Isn’t it exciting? 
  • Miniature figures of a rabbit family. Perhaps girls will prefer it more than boys. Still, cute baby rabbits may attract kids’ attention for a long time.

Final Words

Children like surprises, startling events, and funny moments. You may organize an unforgettable holiday for them. Just think about what they like and try to present it unexpectedly. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your effort.

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