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25 Fun Spring Activities for This Spring

top 25 spring activities for kids

Spring is the perfect time to start something new. Children get excited about changes that occur in nature. Bright sunlight and greening grass encourage everyone to go for a walk and a breath of fresh air. Also, springtime activities include lots of ideas to perform at home.

How to Make The Spring Unforgettable?

It’s time to help kids push themselves beyond their boundaries. However, spring activities for kindergarten cannot be too action-packed. 

How About These Activity Ideas for Spring?

1. Come Outside

What a relief to take off a heavy-down jacket and put on a lightweight windbreaker! As soon as the weather is good enough for playing outdoors – do it. 

  • Make a camp;
  • Play hide-and-seek;
  • Learn to ride a bike, etc.

2. Grow Vegetables

Decide together with your little one what vegetables you want to raise. Explain how to care for it. Look through recipes to prepare a yummy dish when it’s ripe. 

3. Take a Vacation without Leaving Home

Take a toy jet plane and encourage your child to decide on the country he wants to visit. Learn about its customs more and, then, pretend to travel there. Besides,

  • Design and put on traditional clothes;
  • Come up with the other symbols of the country.

4. Read Outdoors

Make a reading picnic. Take a quiz to choose a book to read outdoors. Also, parents can tell their kids a story.  Interestingly, storytelling enhances one’s imagination. It was proven by a group of Japanese scientists in their research Effects of Storytelling on the Childhood Brain.

5. Make Up Your Own Story

While you are still having a picnic outdoors, ask your kid to observe the wildlife. Let the whole family write a short story based on their current experience. Even a squirrel passing by may become a protagonist. 

6. Take a Day Trip

Have a family discussion and agree on the destination of the day. If you enjoy surprises, correct your path right on the way. 

7. Do Some Baking

Springtime activities aren’t only about doing crafts or playing outdoors. Why not try cooking a new dish or baking delicious biscuits? Your kid can even sell those and make some extra money, which will be a cool way to teach your kid about money. 

8. Make a Birdhouse

One of the most popular spring activities for kids is building a home for birds. Help your kids to make a nice birdhouse. 

9. Blow Bubbles

I guess all children love it. There`re many game ideas based on popping the bubbles. By the way, a bottle filled with soap water can be an item of the calm down kit for kids.

10. Play Garden 

It`s one more idea of spring activities for a preschooler. Give children a space to make their own garden. They may not only plant flowers but also do landscape design. 

top spring activities for kids

11. Take Themed Photos

Make photo collages devoted to spring. Take a view of birds, flowers, lakes, forests, spring city, etc.

12. Paint Flower Pots

Let children make the backyard more colorful. Paint flower pots with paints. Don`t limit kids` imagination.

13. Bunny Party

It`ll be a day dedicated to these fluffy animals. Do a bunny craft, applying papercutting, paper mache, painting, or any other technique.

14. Make a Selection of Books for Spring

Set a goal to read them all until June 1st. 

15. Decorate Your Home

Use DIY arts and crafts to welcome spring to your home. Place your crafts on windowsills, tables, shelves, etc. 

16. Throw a Flower-Themed Party

Deсorate a room with flowers, prepare yummy dishes and invite friends. Dress code – clothes with floral design. 

17. Host a Movie Night 

Make homemade tickets, buy popcorn and choose the movie the whole family wants to watch.

18. Make Plans for Summer 

Conduct a family meeting and come up with summer vacation ideas. Make a three-column list of summer activities:

  • Must have;
  • Do our best to fulfill it;
  • Our Dreams.

19. Educational Trip

Visit a book fair or museum. Also, register for a workshop or an interesting lecture for kids. 

20. Paint Spring Flowers

Take a walk in a park. Then ask your kids to paint all the flowers they saw there. Don’t forget to find out its names to make the activity more educational. Their paintings are worthy of being pointed out on the child’s reward chart

21. Set Off for the Beach

Although it’s too cold to swim, a coastline would be a lovely place to admire nature. 

22. Make a Rain-Themed Party

There`re many rainy days in spring. Celebrate them by throwing a party. Put on raincoats and use umbrellas to decorate the room.

23. Play Hopscotch

This game is a kind of spring activity for preschoolers. Nevertheless, adults may also enjoy it.

24. Springtime Fitness

Develop a healthy habit:

  • Morning workout;
  • Sports activities to do together, etc. 

25. Get ready for Easter

Tell your little one about Easter family traditions. By the way, it’s never too late to establish a new one. Do themed crafts several weeks in a row before the holiday. Decorate the house with it. Tell your kid how much time he has to succeed in his DIY projects. It motivates him to plan time. 

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