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101 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

show loveIt seems to be obvious that parents love their kids. But not all children can realize that. Kids need proof and words of assurance from time to time. The smaller they are, the bigger their love deficiency can be.
Interestingly, parents and kids can understand love in different ways. Take, for example, a caring father who spends all weekends at work to earn for his young daughter`s living. But the girl may feel unloved because her daddy doesn’t play with her. Parents should take into account that kids require attention and face-to-face communication. All the other things don’t matter to them at all.
And what if your kids don’t feel you love them? The consequences can be much more terrible than you can imagine. For that matter, the researches in the Psychology and Aging journal state that kids who had lacked parental love and support were more likely to suffer from health problems in adulthood. Plus, they are at more risk of getting depressed.
One more study has focused on the connection between parental love and resilience in kids. Moms and dads who support their children, and help them cope with adversities tend to raise up more flexible and mindful people. Such kids have good role models to look up to.
Now you see how it’s crucial to love your son or daughter and make the love visible to them. Here are useful ways to show your little one you love him.

How to Tell Your Children You Love Them Unconditionally?

What ways of expressing love do you know? Telling that you have such a feeling? That’s brilliant. Yet, there are many other ways. Just look through them.
Show love

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Spend Time Together

We often ignore precious minutes when driving kids to kindergarten, walking with them, having dinner together or simply reading a book will do. That`s a nice chance to ask about their plans for the day, experiences, or news. Although it could take only a few minutes, you still create a sense of presence. Plus, many interesting things may happen during this time. You may spot a squirrel in a park, buy an ice cream or become a witness to a funny situation. Those are the moments your kid will remember forever.
Don’t show your love with presents, though.

Involve Children in Your Hobbies

OnePoll has conducted a poll according to which 63% of parents try to instill the love of their favorite hobbies in their kids. It includes watching beloved TV shows, doing sports, and playing video games. One can argue whether all of it is appropriate for kids, but the point lies in the fact that children adopt our habits and interests. And that means you can invite your little one to the world of your interests. That’ll increase the chances of building a strong bond between both of you.

Hug Children

The smaller the kid, the more physical contact he needs. You can say I love you and sometimes hug your little one instead or just take a kid in your arms.

Pay Attention to Small Things

Kids like it when parents treat them as equals. Don’t be afraid to give them high-fives or just wink. Laugh at their jokes and ask questions about the things which are important for your little one, be it a snowman made by himself or a new dress your little daughter wants to show off with.

Make a Child a Part of the Team

Show and tell kids that their viewpoint is important for you and your second half. Involve them in making decisions and ask their opinion especially when it comes to their daily routine.

Help Them Deal with Temper Tantrums

Loving parents don’t shout at their kids, but try to calm them down without raising their voices. Be patient and your kid will see that you are the one to accept his behavior and fix his problem. By the way, read more about anger management activities.
Before dealing with emotions, you have to name them properly. Take a look at books about feelings and emotions for your kids.

Be Fair

If you have several kids, make sure you pay due attention to all of them. You may not even notice, but very often some kids (especially older siblings) feel offended and unloved. Also, if you have family rules, make no exceptions for none of the kids. All should be equal.
Also, this list of books about diversity would be a great help.
Show love

Make a List of People Who Love Your Kids

First, ask your little one to make a list of friends and relatives whom he loves and the reasons for it. That will teach him to notice the positive sides of every person. Then help him make a list of people who love him. In such a way your kid will see how many people love and respect his personality.
Showing love to your kids is also teaching them to love themselves. In order for your kids to love themselves you have to introduce them to a self-care routine. Take a look at self-care ideas and activities in my recent post.

Be Generous

Kids can throw temper tantrums demanding toys or goodies. You don’t have to follow their wishes all the time, but you can also distinguish their whims from genuine desires. Even if you live on a shoestring, fork out some money to buy your little one presents without any reason now and then. In such a way, you`ll show that holidays are not the only possibility to make surprises. Real presents don`t need special occasions.

Ask About Their Feelings

You can’t bond with your child without knowing much about his private life. Don’t wonder because even preschoolers can have their own secrets. Don’t insist on telling you everything, but try to make them trust you. Ask questions. Still, avoid something like “How was your day”. Ask instead:

  • What has surprised you the most?
  • What new things have you learned today?
  • What was the happiestsaddest moment of the day, etc.

These questions can often help detect negative self-talk in your kids and help with it.
The questions will make your child analyze his day before answering. Also, the answers can give you much more information about your kid’s life. And, finally, a little one will learn to focus on other people’s feelings, which improves his communication and social skills.

Remind Kids about Their Positive Traits

Praise children for the qualities you admire in them. Always remind things you love about your kids and say that you are proud of them. Don’t be afraid to be a too loving parent. It’s Ok. Love cannot be excessive.

Respect Their Space

Knock on the door before coming into their room. Ask permission before taking their toys and take turns when using common subjects. For example, if your child is already using a wash basin, don’t make him give place to you just because you are late for a job. Wait until he is done.


Parental love is one of the conditions of a happy life. It not only helps parents build strong connections with their children but also prevents many behavioral problems with strong-willed boys and girls. Use any possible ways to show love to your kids. You`ll see how many positive changes await you.
Your kids will trust you more and ask for your advice. Your little one will grow up to be a more confident person able to build his own happy family. Such people have more friends, live more successful lives, and work at the jobs they want.
See? There`s no reason to hide how much you love your son or daughter. Tell them about it and show your love every day!

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