Best Books About Empathy for KidsAlicia Ortego

Best Books About Empathy for Kids

Best Books About Empathy for Kids (2)
There are millions of books for kids. They all claim to have a positive impact on your boy or girl. Books about virtues are one of them.

What to Read About Empathy Right Now? 

Pieces of literature about positive character traits can boost your child’s emotional intelligence. And we can undoubtedly add books about empathy to the list of books about happiness as well. Let’s begin!

Empathy Workbook for Kids by Hiedi France

The book offers 50 interacting activities for kids that teach them kindness, empathy, and many other similar virtues. It was written by an experienced children’s psychologist engaged in schooling and parenting.
The workbook contains interesting exercises that provide a guide for dealing with

  • own emotions;
  • difficult situations;
  • other people’s feelings.

Besides, it teaches kindness, tolerance, and empathy giving real-to-life examples. The types of activities it provides meet the needs of the most demanding young readers. Kids can

  • take quizzes;
  • draw pictures or schemes;
  • work with listening exercises.

This book encourages kids to think and don`t be afraid to reveal their inner feelings. The book will mainly appeal to elementary school children.

Empathy Journal by Kelley Stevens

It`s a kind of thought-provoking workbook that aims to put kids in other’s shoes. The book leaves free space on each page to give children a chance to draw or write down their instant thoughts.
What differs this one from other books on empathy is that it concentrates on the connection between inner and physical feelings. So, kids can enjoy writing down how their body feels when they are sad or happy. It’s a very colorful book with cute illustrations and a warm design. 
Empathy Journal is much more than a journal. It covers many other topics related to good manners and humanity. The book will be a nice pick for elementary school kids as an option for home reading or classwork.

Tiny Drops of Kindness by Sally Sun

From the very title, this book aims to make kids compassionate. And children like the story told in it. Delightful rhymes and eye-catching illustrations make your kid feel comfortable. The book touches upon such topics as

  • The value of kindness and empathy;
  • The importance of own and other people’s emotions;
  • Compassion towards close ones;
  • Observance and the ability to understand feelings.

Among others children’s books about empathy this is a must-have for your home library. Tiny Drops of Kindness is worth reading at least once.

Empathy for Kids by Nicole Tolentino

This charming book is a finding for kids of all ages, especially toddlers and preschoolers. It contains 30 breathtaking activities to teach empathy for kids. With this book, your little one will learn how to understand his own emotions and identify them in others.
It teaches young kids to interact with other people by putting themselves in their shoes. Also, the book explains how to be a member of a community and get along with different people. One interesting exercise concerns taking into account others’ preferences. Thus a child has to decorate a cookie (on the pages of the book) for a specific person to meet his taste.
Additionally, there is a chapter for parents with advice and extra information. You will learn how children perceive virtues at different ages. That can boost bonds with your son or daughter. By the way, Empathy in Toddlers research claims that kids who have warm relationships with parents are more empathetic. 
Best Books About Empathy for Kids (1)

Dinosaur Learns Empathy by Steve Herman 

It`s a nice book that will appeal to both boys and girls because the main characters are a dinosaur, unicorn, and dragon. What a company!
Familiar and popular characters tell a simple and utterly important story for preschoolers and elementary school kids. If you`ve failed to explain empathy to your little one, this book is what you need. 
The illustrations catch your kid’s attention at first sight. It’s so colorful.  And the characters` personalities create a positive vibe for the whole book.

Kindness Is My Superpower by Alicia Ortego

Books about empathy for kids teach your little one not only this virtue but many other positive traits. And the aforementioned fascinating book is no exception. 
The main character Lucas deals with his problems and learns important lessons:

  • it’s Ok to be sorry;
  • diversity should be accepted;
  • one should admit own mistakes;
  • one needs to be polite and attentive to other people, etc.

Melodic rhymes make this book a kid-friendly one. Children will like the illustrations and design as well as the gripping plot.
Being a part of the series, this empathy book for kids discovers a whole new world of brave and polite kids. By the way, it is the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Children’s Multiculturalism & Tolerance in the US. So, it would be a brilliant pic for a gift or home reading.

A Little SPOT of Empathy by Diane Alber

This book will be one more brick in your kid’s competency in life values. The language is simple. Besides, intriguing exercises will keep your little one’s interest to the very end. It should be on your list of best children’s books about empathy.
The book can help your daughter or son:

  • understand empathy;
  • learn how to reap the benefits of one`s good traits;
  • see the acts of kindness in other people.

I Choose Empathy by Elizabeth Estrada

This rhyming story is quite appropriate for preschoolers. They will appreciate vibrant illustrations and the simplicity of reading.
The book just tells what empathy is and how to react when you have such a feeling. It`s a part of the I Choose series aimed to develop the best sides of kids` personalities. Take this one as an addition to the emotional regulation tool kit or just a quick read for fun.

What Is Empathy? by Amanda Morin

A nice read for kids aged 6-9. It tells the story from two different perspectives – Ava`s and Sofia`s. The girls are best friends and both deal with bullying. Young readers have an opportunity to learn the feelings of both. They’ll see how the same situation can differentially affect people.
This book is a celebration of diversity, kindness, and empathy. Your kid will learn how to handle bullying and overcome stressful situations in general. Plus, it prevents him from acts of aggressiveness toward other kids.
The book touches upon such vital issues as

  • good vs evil
  • empathy vs compassion
  • joy vs sadness

I Am Human by Susan Verde

It’s the last one in our today`s collection of books on empathy. And the name of the book gives us a direct hint at the main goal of all the literature about virtues. It’s not enough to be born as a human to be so. But the book by Susan Verde can tell kids a lot about the traits one should possess to be a good person indeed.
It is like a hymn to our uniqueness and freedom. The book shows that we can affect the type of person we want to be. The deal is to become the best versions of ourselves.
To make learning about empathy even more entertaining, do empathy worksheets with your kids.
It also contains thoughts on:

  • fear of making mistakes;
  • the negative aspect of being a human being;
  • how to interact with people, etc.


I hope today`s list of books about empathy for kids will help you make the right choice. Yet, literature cannot be wrong. Feel free to try all the options available until you get the favorite book of your little one.

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