Healthy Coping Strategies for Kids

how kids can deal with stress

Life in the 21-st century looks like racing. You have to hurry, meet a schedule, not forget about millions of things to do, and herewith keep calm. Kids don’t need to go to work but their school routine is no less stressful.

They only start building their relationships with peers. Such experience isn’t always successful. Besides, many school children encounter bullying and problems associated with low self-esteem. All that contributes to stress formation. Social pressure affects not only psychological but also physical health. Parents should pay due attention to this issue. Read this article to find coping skills activities for kids that will help to deal with problems.

Types of Coping Mechanisms to Reduce Stress

There are many classifications of coping strategies for kids. I believe that the following one is the easiest to make sense of. There are coping skills based on:

  • Emotions;
  • Problems.

Reducing emotions doesn’t mean making problems go away. It’s like breaking a fever but ignoring the cause of it. If kids react too emotionally to stress, emotion-focused coping activities will help them. Still, pay attention to problem-focused coping mechanisms for stress. It’s very important to fix the very source of trouble.

Emotion-Focused Coping Skills List for Kids 

Name Feelings

Kids often lack words to describe the emotions they have. A great solution to expand their vocabulary is to use a feelings chart for kids. It’s an illustrated manual to a child’s inner world. The chart includes images of people who experience different feelings including non-verbal aspects (mimics, gestures, etc.) Next time you ask them about their emotions, they might give a comprehensive answer. 

how kids can deal with stress

Breathing Exercise

Deep breath relaxes our body and positively affects oxygen levels in the brain. It quickly impacts the state of mind, so one should apply it right after the outburst. In the book Breathing is My Superpower, you will find the correct technique for performing the exercises. 

Experience New Emotions

Stress is always related to a routine lifestyle. It’s time to shake things up. Try the stuff that is very untypical of your family and a child especially. Go fishing or take a trip to an amusement park. Also, ask a kid If he would like to take a course on something unfamiliar to him. It’s an effective way to boost one’s motivation as well. 

Problem-Focused Coping Skills Activities for Kids  

Develop a Plan

In case you see that your children struggle with a problem, help them to concentrate on its solution. Make a step-by-step plan after clarifying details of their challenge. Come up with several possible solutions and discuss them together with the kids. If you homeschool your child you can work out the curricum devoting more time for learning emotional self-regulation techniques. 

Encourage Asking for Help

Doing things on one’s own isn’t the key to success. It’s impossible to hold up well without someone’s help. In school, university and work there’s a constant need for advice and mutual aid. Encourage communication within the family and react to your kids’ issues. This way you will create an atmosphere where a child won’t be afraid to come for help. 

Weigh up the Pros and Cons 

As long as the problem deals with making a decision, do your best to resolve it as soon as possible. The fact is that the state of uncertainty is very painful to our brains. In such an instance, it cannot but constantly search for a solution. If the brain fails to find its way out, strong mental pressure occurs. Help kids to write down the pros and cons. Analyze them together and, finally, make a decision.

Types of Coping Skills

A combination of certain behavior and thoughts can relieve stress. It also helps to adjust to anxiety signs and ignore them. The ability to coexist with stressful situations is a precious skill. Actually, that’s one of the benefits of a growth mindset. Here`re other skills that help cope with stress.


When under stress, our mind and body are so tense. Then, they need more energy and effort to perform daily routine tasks. Organize a day-off to forget about all hardships. Invite your kid`s friends and create a memorable gathering or plan a family day.

Turn to Physical Activities

In almost every list of coping skills for kids with anxiety, one will find a point about sport. Physical activity relieves stress indeed. There’s a shift in the focus of attention so that a problem no longer seems so terrible. Walking a dog is also a nice therapy for dealing with negative emotions.

Leisure Activities

Give a child the opportunity to enjoy the things he likes most. He will immediately get all negative thoughts out of his head. Also, coping skills games for kids meet their emotional needs

Aware Parenting isn’t only about material security but also mental wellbeing. Kids are very sensitive. Subsequently, they are less prepared for dealing with life difficulties. It’s your duty to take care of their health and teach them to avoid stressful situations. The most important, though, is to be ready to listen to them and share the burden with them. I hope the coping strategies for kids will be of use.