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Simple Self-Esteem Coloring Pages and Worksheets for Children

The level of self-esteem determines our personality. Low self-esteem leads to the underestimation of one’s strength. Heightened self-esteem, in turn, results in haughtiness and, subsequently, loss of friends. Normal self-esteem is the one to strive for. A useful way to boost confidence in kids is to play with self-esteem coloring pages. 

Self Esteem Worksheet for Kids: What is it and How It Works?

There are many ways of boosting self-esteem. Some parents prefer dealing with problems themselves rather than consulting a psychologist. Some problems may really be solved while talking to parents or spending time with them. Some may try using confidence coloring pages. But, first, let’s talk more about the very concept. After that, I will explain the ways one can use worksheets for self-empowerment.

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What Is Self-Esteem?

Each of us has an opinion about ourselves. It can differ depending on the spheres of life. Take a sporty kid, for example. He may be very confident about his physical abilities when at a PE lesson. Still, if being told many times that he is weak in math, his self-esteem will decrease. Thus, the math class makes him feel uptight. He needs to accept that he isn’t the cleverest among his classmates to boost his self-esteem. The boy isn’t a kind of bad person, though. He deserves respect and equal treatment. That’s how normal self-esteem looks like. In this case, all the child needs is to gain confidence. Children’s confidence is what I devoted my latest book to.  

Free Printable Confidence Worksheet PDF

Before you learn how to build self-esteem in a child, let’s look at its types. Each type has its representatives.

  • Low self-esteem. People don’t believe in themselves. They fail to meet their emotional needs. The consequences are, respectively, poor relationships and depression. 
  • High self-esteem. It’s an ability to keep things on an even keel despite criticism and lack of support. People respect themselves and value their own skills and personality. They are aware of some faults but that doesn’t bring their spirits down. 
  • Inflated self-esteem. This one is worse than low self-esteem. Children who belong to this category are very selfish. They believe in their exclusiveness and are not ready to lose. They’ll have problems when making friends or dating someone in the future. I’d advise focusing more on developing a growth mindset with this group of kids. 

When is Self-Esteem being Established?

As long as a child begins understanding language, self-esteem is being formed. The more you tell a kid that he isn’t good at something, the more he’ll believe it. It isn’t always a direct conversation with a child. Even discussing the child’s failures with someone in front of him. He`ll take it as his characteristic.

Moreover, it’s only enough to say a few words to make small children believe in their imperfections. Be as careful as possible at the age of 4-7 years. Some life principles form during that certain period. So you should follow the basic rules to maintain a child’s mental health. Here’s my advice:

  • Give reprimands only when needed;
  • Be consistent and justify your words;
  • Forget forever about judgment value;
  • Don`t compare your child to others.

One more point that affects the building of self-esteem is attention from parents. Don’t ignore your kid, saying that you are too busy to talk about his school problems. This is especially true with ever-too-busy fathers. Fathers should also actively participate in nurturing their kids’ healthy self-esteem. 

The other grave mistake is to set up conventionality. If you tell your kid that you don’t love him because of bad behavior, the self-esteem will go down. All his future life will be the attempt to deserve that love from a boss, neighbors, friends, whoever. Don`t make such terrifying mistakes. In case your relationships with kids are tough, do these family bonding activities

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Does Self-Esteem Affect Our Lives?

I’ve just told you about deserving love. It’s one of the answers to the question, why is self-esteem important. People who have a high one will not try to deserve it. They share the love with others and enjoy it. 

In this list, I’ve collected the things people with high self-esteem can:

  • Be engaged in the work they love;
  • Have friends they are comfortable with;
  • Break up the relationships they are tired of;
  • Try new things;
  • Enjoy life;
  • Be tolerant to own failures;
  • Rejoice at the success of others, etc. 

How to Use Self-Love Worksheets?

When engaged in something, the brain becomes more focused on that issue. Take, for example, covid coloring pages for kids. When coloring them, kids become more aware of the problem. 

Self-esteem worksheet pdf has the same impact. Children repeat the word self-esteem subconsciously, making it settle down in their brains. The notion is no more strange to them. Yet, it has the greatest impact when parents take part in the process too. Do coloring together and speak on the topic. Confidence coloring pages are a great tool to sustain a conversation. 

Children are the target users, so coloring pleases them. Self-esteem affirmations pdf are free to download. I`ve collected the ones that will appeal to you at first glance. By practicing it, you kill two birds with one stone:

  • Make fun with kids;
  • Get to know about their problems with self-esteem.

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By the way, there`re special ones — the self-esteem test printable. It helps determine the level of self-esteem. The data obtained defines whether you need to see a children’s therapist. As soon as you show it to kids, they may be intrigued to see their results and take the test. 

Also, you can find these coloring pages useful for developing confidence in your child. You can also download the PDF version.

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Now you see why self-esteem is important. Be conscious about it to keep your kids healthy in the future. I hope my collection of self-esteem coloring pages is of help.don’t force your kids to do it, though. Colouring should not become a chore but be an enjoyable time-spending. Once a month is better than never. Plus, it has many more benefits, such as relieving stress or developing art skills. Good luck! 

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