Healthy Coping Strategies for Kids

Life in the 21-st century looks like racing. You have to hurry, meet a schedule, not forget about millions of things to do, and herewith keep calm. Kids don’t need…
how to motivate kids

How to Motivate Your Children?

Kids have changeable mood. If today your son wants to be a doctor, there is no guarantee that tomorrow he won’t want to be a truck driver. And, in a…
positive body image for kids

Positive Body Image for Kids

Moms and dads are being watched closely by their children. If you look at yourself in the mirror with ill-concealed disgust, kids will notice it. But worst of all is…
Superpower book

What is My Superpower Book?

Do you want to read a fascinating new book? Do you want to find a book character that could become your friend? Take the quiz and find out what’s your…

Test your friendship skills

Are you good at making friends? How many great friends have you got? Take the quiz and find out if being a good friend is your superpower! 
Responsibility (1)

How Caring For a Pet Teaches Kids Responsibility

While dogs give us so much companionship and unconditional love as it is, families with children have an additional reason to consider owning a pet. Children are generally focused on…

How to Teach Kids Self-Acceptance?

Love is everything. We love many aspects of our lives: better-halves, parents, kids, pets, nature, work, autumn, sea, etc.  The keyword of our existence is love. Without going deeper into…

Simple Self-Esteem Coloring Pages and Worksheets for Children

The level of self-esteem determines our personality. Low self-esteem leads to the underestimation of one’s strength. Heightened self-esteem, in turn, results in haughtiness and, subsequently, loss of friends. Normal self-esteem…