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How to Transition from Traditional School to Homeschooling

from traditional to homeschool

Starting homeschooling is a nervous process since one has to change his daily routine completely. It affects not only students but their parents too. Mom or dad should stick to a new schedule, retire from work or start working remotely. Also, parents have to find out all the legal details associated with the transition to homeschooling. Yet, the most challenging thing is to organize the learning process. How to start? Is homeschooling hard? How many lessons a day should you give? Whether it`ll be effective enough to meet kids` educational needs. There`re many questions you’re looking for answers to. I hope this article will help you to make everything clear.

How to Switch to Homeschooling?

It’s OK if you feel tension. According to the research devoted to psychological impacts on parents during Covid-19, many of them experienced high distress and social impairment while teaching their children at home. And don’t forget that these parents weren’t ready for such developments. In turn, those who have made a deliberate decision are more psychologically prepared for such changes.

5 Steps to Withdraw from Public School

Now that you have too many issues to resolve, it’d be better to develop a step-by-step plan. You will concentrate on a specific problem, directing all efforts to its solution. Before going to the next step be sure that you have coped with a previous one. Take your time setting all the issues so that the quality of the changes means more than their frequency.

Have a Conversation with Your Child

Parents have a broader understanding of their kids’ needs. However, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore their opinion completely. Sometimes adults see only material gain omitting the psychological and emotional needs of their kids. For that matter, you should strive for a win-win approach. Here are some tips for you:

  • Explain to your kid why you want to start homeschooling him;
  • Ask for his opinion;
  • Chew on every argument he gives;
  • If he`s categorically against it, maybe, you should reconsider your position;
  • See a child psychologist if needed to resolve misunderstandings;
  • Persuade him to give homeschooling a chance, being patient and trying it out.

from traditional to homeschool

How to Go from Public School to Homeschool?

Every state has its own policies concerning homeschooling. Make sure you follow the law while withdrawing your little one from a public school. Otherwise, you may be charged with truancy. In California parents should first establish their home as a private educational institution to teach their kids there. But in some other states like Connecticut, there`re no such requirements.

If you’re not sure whether you act legally, consult a lawyer to avoid possible problems and fines.

Think Whether Your Want to Act Alone

Decide what type of homeschooling you prefer. If you plan to reenter a public school in the future, then choose a homeschool charter school. They`ll provide you with a schedule and help from licensed teachers. In such a case, parents should follow the program and monitor their kids` achievements. This is a good option for those parents who prefer classical studying but due to some circumstances have to homeschool kids.

One more option is to join a coop created by other parents. Together you can cope with homeschool challenges better.


The majority wants to teach kids alone, completely integrating into their education. If you`re among them, you should think about the curriculum. Well, it’s the most important thing since the curriculum determines the direction of the learning process. There are two possible options:

You should also think about your style, such as Montessori, classical, etc. These nuances determine everything. If you make the right choice, your kid will show amazing results and learn many healthy habits.

The most important thing is, though, to help young children by participating in their education. And it’s true for both homeschooling and classical education. In the Evidence from Research and Practice research, English scientists have shown that kids whose parents read to them, listen to them, teach them letters and participate in the classroom have better academic achievements. When homeschooling, you have much more time for it.

Ask your kid to help you organize lessons the way they want. See if they have organizational skills.

What about Switching from Homeschool to Public School Mid Year?

Homeschooling can be too stressful. Sometimes parents can’t cope with changes. Also, kids may miss school, and homeschooling is a good option for certain temporary periods when kids cannot attend school.

Discuss with your children if they want to get back to school. They may be too emotional proving their viewpoints. Be patient and get to the bottom of each issue. By the way, teach them to manage such negative emotions as anger, irritation, or impatience (don’t forget to check out patience worksheets).

In case it’s your idea to give up homeschooling, try to find reasonable arguments to explain your choice to your little one. If he wants to stay home instead of going to school, tell him how many benefits it has too. It’s a sign that your kid wants to spend more time with you.

Switching from homeschool to public school mid year is always possible. The state has to find a place at a public school and provide free education. It doesn’t matter how much time your daughter or son has spent at home. There’s always a possibility to enter school again.

When going from homeschool to public school a kid may feel a little bit ‘jet-lagged’ switching from an already common lifestyle to another one.  Be patient and give him time to overcome such challenges. He may also need somebody’s help to catch up with a school schedule. Such problems are unavoidable, so be ready. The simplest way to ease his tension is to hug him. It also has some other benefits, including improving our health.

Homeschooling Budget

Teaching kids on one’s own is often expensive. Major costs are:

  • Curriculum – it’s up to you to decide whether you want or not to buy a curriculum. But if your kid prefers a well-structured environment, you should buy it. The price is ranging from $60 to 600$.
  • Learning Pods  – costs a lot. As a rule, parents turn to them when they lack some special knowledge. You should spend approximately $80 a week but it’s worth it.
  • Extra lessons – for those who either cannot provide a well-rounded education or want to teach kids some special subjects such as playing guitar or painting. The price depends on the frequency of lessons, their types, and many other aspects.
  • Activity supplies – to go on field trips or do other interesting stuff.

Be sure not to make homeschooling only about the studies. Check out these fall activities for your kids to make the time together fun.


Now that you know how to switch to homeschooling, don’t hesitate to try it. It’s not so easy but, perhaps, the whole family will enjoy it. If not, switching from homeschool to public school mid year isn’t forbidden. Think about it.

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